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Then again silence and then the door opened slightly, immediately shout: – “do not shoot!” But this is useless and everyone is shooting and who can blame them like you should be scared to death, the body of the bodyguard who drops dead while trying to enter the doors open wide, the oldest trick used in many films let live one of them for you to open the doors, you realize you but they do not, open doors can not see nothing but darkness and this darkness shoots something, not bullets, you know why there was no noise explosion but whatever it is you were not fired if not against the bodyguard, you look one who was attacked and can not believe what you see … are arrows, the leader of the bodyguard gave the order again: – “shoot” You try to stop them but it is impossible to have already started to shoot, run to the opposite side of the login and you hide behind a wall, are fools the murderer is using the explosion of weapons in the dark to see your position, that their arrows are so good, but is this kind of murderer Why use arrows? You wonder, none of the other killings were arrows, the murderer returns to shoot and kill more guards, those not killed or wounded were terrified, you look out and you can see one of them runs out the door trying to escape and hear a sound, you can not describe but you know it is …