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With the money that would be easier to set a price to things for purchase and sale. Invention good in theory, an invention to improve their quality of life. But no. Then the money sparked the ambition and greed of human beings. For it has been stolen, have fought, killed. Great wars between countries over the centuries by wealth. Visit Florida Senator for more clarity on the issue. But a more personal level have also been lost friendships, destroyed families, all the vile money.

The currency initially became a target more than greed and selfishness human. Large amounts of dust and smoke covering the planet hiding the sun and plunging the Earth into a night goes on. Sunlight is not a problem for me in these conditions. The survivors who find my step down in me and fear me. They know that I’m the Vampire, my appearance is that of an ordinary human being. But of course, they no longer look like human beings, their rotting flesh by radiation does not remember anything you were before.

Dressed in rags, dirty and sick. I, on the contrary, I’m healthy, I am a living being, I exist without life through time, so the radioactivity is not affected me. My appearance is that of a healthy human being. My clothes are elegant, very different from the rags they carry. Look at me with fear and mistrust. They have always feared what is different from them. Even now you could say that they are different because they are the ones that have changed.