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Russian Taxes

As you can see, if not to exaggerate and not to transfer all kinds of taxes, everything is quite clear and understandable. Want to live in a prosperous country in Europe, where higher education is free even for foreign students, then pay German taxes, and sleep soundly. We understand that this prospect may not seem very familiar to Russian businessmen, who are accustomed to using different schemes of tax optimization, and even sometimes use classical and nonclassical offshore jurisdictions (Firm) as the family purse. But we hope that representatives of the real sector of business immigration to Germany will remain in demand. Many entrepreneurs who acquire a German commercial property or conduct business, understand that they pay their taxes in a civilized state, with no means the worst for business.

Germany – a country which has achieved almost complete the absence of the shadow economy. For comparison, here is some wild facts about the business and investment climate in some Asian countries. More than a year (425) days is required to register property in Bangladesh. High taxes also are a significant obstacle: the standard company in India pays 81% of trading profits in taxes, and in Pakistan to meet all the requirements of tax legislation to spend about 560 hours a year. According to the report, complex and costly business regulations push workers regulators in the shadow economy. In India, only slightly more than 8 million workers officially employed in the private sector – in a country where more than 1 billion people, and the number of the working population exceeds 458 million to Sri Lanka boasts 4 million formally employed entrepreneurs of the private sector, with the number of working population about 7 million For comparison, the Nordic countries, where it is easier to do business and people benefit from social protection, less than 8% of all economic activity in the shadow economy. Dear entrepreneurs who have the desire to do business in India or Bangladesh? About our services for business immigration to Germany.

We provide services such as registration of companies in Germany (the cost of 9,000 EURO), and on receipt of a permit (firm + Rentals – 18 000 EURO). Registration of companies in Germany – GmbH (a German analogue of the Russian company) – for all comers. When registering, the company paid authorized capital – 25 000 EURO. Service for a residence permit in Germany – only to customers who purchase our commercial real estate in Germany (apartment houses, hotels and other facilities in Berlin and its surroundings), or engaged in serious large-scale production. Source of publication and copyright right: a second citizenship, second passport