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Ruben Figueroa Alcocer

And your what poster are you from? Who you are serving? We all somehow belong to a conscious poster or unconsciously, at least I am aware of which I am and that I serve God, because secret societies in the world are ruling through the Vatican, posters of drugs and organized crime, of Governments of the Republic, Chamber of Deputies and senators, judges, magistrates, bankers, political partiessoccer teams, philosophers, philanthropists, opinion leaders and religious, among others. It only takes a little research to find out at which poster belongs to everyone, then it is how much You will find answer to the because remain unpunished so many killings, assassinations, offal to the nation, electoral fraud, kidnapping etc. Locally, causes great sadness of seeing as much infamy in the State of Guerrero, as it is the cacique Ruben Figueroa Alcocer WINS or WINS with the PRI Manuel Anorve Banos candidate or the candidate of the PRD Angel Aguirre Rivero because the two are dragged to him how is it that guerrerenses poor leave is enveloped in what you sell servers journalists of the caciqueHow are left to influence with the simulation and is followed by the cynical game? How is that so many journalists for a few pesos, denigrate her dignity by serving the corruption it? wake up already, react and reflect above all the damage done and do. We have much written about some reasons for which is generated and increasingly sharpens the social problems that we live for many decades, trying to get to the bottom of the problem, have tried to sustain what everything is caused by the irresponsibility and corruption of the Government and society itself, coupled with the tremendous ignorance, bigotry and indifference citizen, however the source is still deeper, and this is due precisely to the whim and will of secret organizations in the globalised world; He is said to be secret that they hide their true purpose, because its existence is no secret and if your activity in the underground discretion and famous for being billionaires and fraudulent activities costumes of good men.