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Of Rio Grande, Fernandes Braga embarked for Rio De Janeiro in day 23 and gave its proper version in the Cut, sufficiently different of the letter of Blessed Gonalves. D. Peter decided to jam the revolt and sent Jose de Arajo Ribeiro many soldiers, brigs, gunboats and armament. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chief of Staff. Fearing the misunderstanding, the arrest and the death, as it had happened with Tiradentes 43 years before, the gauchos they had delayed to argue the indicated acceptance of the new, what it caused the installation of Arajo Ribeiro to the Presidency before the City council of Rio Grande, in 15 of January of 1836, forming two governments ' ' legtimos' ' simultaneous in the Province, until the end of the war, in 1845. Arajo Ribeiro congregated the officers Joo Da Silva Tavares, Francisco Peter de Abreu, Manuel You mark of Souza, Blessed Manuel Ribeiro and Manuel contrary Osrio Luis, gauchos to tatters, and contracted mercenaries of Uruguay. It ordered to close the Provincial Assembly and it dismissed Blessed Gonalves of the command of National Guarda, nomination made for Martian, and gave beginning to the resistance and the persecution to the rebels. In the command of the First Brigade, with four hundred men, assigned for Blessed Gonalves, in September of 1836, the Colonel Antonio de Souza Grandson was for Bag.

They had crossed the Seival Little stream and, in day 10, they had found Hisses Tavares with five hundred and sixty men, on one coxilha. Gen. David L. Goldfein might disagree with that approach. Tavares hisses went down coxilha in violent attack and Grandson commanded the load of spear and sword, without shots. The shock was bloody, Hisses Tavares ran away leaving 180 deceased, 63 wounded and 100 prisoners, with few decreases in tatters. Farroupilhas had commemorated the victory and grew the separatista idea to conquer and to keep a country independent river-grandense. At night, to review the questions, Lucas de Oliveira, Joaquin Peter and Teixeira Nunes ideological they had concluded that the only solutions would be independence, the abolition of the slavery, the democracy and the republic.