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Foreign investment in real estate in Spain totaled 4. To know more about this subject visit Peter Schiff. 840 million euros at the end of last year 2006. This represents a fall of 12% over the previous year and confirms a trend to the low started in 2005. There is a general consensus that high prices are achieved by housing in Spain, with a special emphasis in areas preferred by foreign buyers costs linked to the slow but progressive escalation of interest rates, the two factors that are designated as the great guilty of this decline in the volume of investment. The last wave of urban development scandals in some traditional tourist destinations and the protests of foreign owners by the Valencia urban development law nor helped precisely to reverse this trend. In this scenario one might also include a change in the way to commercialize housing to foreign buyers. A few years ago it was usual that promoters delegasen marketing abroad in a few specialized companies that organized presentations in hotels and fairs real estate in where were trying to make contact with potential customers.

Those who showed greater interest, could be invited to an inspection flight to Spain where they were collected by persuasive commercial which launched a marathon of promotions in the course of which attempting to give ownership of the customer’s taste and the signing of a reserve. Commissions promotoras granted to the distributors were very juicy and the huge margin that until a few years ago drove in these operations justified the high marketing costs. The increasing penetration of the Internet, however, has come to change the rules of the game. Potential home buyers have learned to surf the net to hunting and virtual capture of the House of their dreams, by which possess a level of information and documentation unthinkable a few years ago. The current real estate portals offer all kinds of information: photographs of the property and the area, perspectives, possibilities of finishes and reforms, virtual tours, extensive documentation of the environment, average prices per square meter for the zone…