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Quality and innovation, a sales and marketing agency for residential real estate in Dusseldorf offers insights into their activities in recent years the requirements for real estate brokers have changed greatly. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may find this interesting as well. It was enough just to photograph used a real estate with the compact camera, zusammenzutackern some sales records and in the local papers to publish a text display, to get the first questions, the real estate agent requirements have increased now clearly. The traditional house – and apartment brokers the one-man-show – will gradually disappear from the scene. And this is certainly a good thing, especially since many of them have drawn the image we have of this group of people in General. Many of them come from the generation of the typewriter; Although they have experienced with the indentation of the computer and of the Internet from the beginning only a few of them are in the digital age”become native. The quality of many broker websites and exposes speak for themselves.

Today “starting about 90% of the Immobiliensuchenden of the research on the Internet and because there is already a serious competitive disadvantage, if you the possibilities of new media” (as it is called since the 1990s) not optimal uses for itself, because there are also the most modern market participants who take advantage of the Internet and the possibilities they offer and ideal for their intentions. Classic real estate broker is gradually displaced by a new generation by real estate agencies and thats a good thing, because this progress is for the benefit of our customers. While there she of course remains, but the most successful estate agents are involved in a large system of a full service real estate company and can concentrate now on your core competence, namely the sale and rental of real estate. Specialization and persifikation are the success factors of a new generation of real estate providers.