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Real Estate Cadastre

Mortgage lending in the Czech Republic (Prague) – a procedure allowing to purchase a property using bank funds. registration is possible for a foreign citizen as to the nationality of one of the countries of the European Union, as well as to the nationality of other European countries such as Russia or cis countries. Subject to the requirements of the Czech bank and the availability of documents to complete the procedure: The presence of an open entity, where the foreign citizen is a shareholder. Valid passport with any valid visas in Europe Package of financial documents from the employer in the country of residence. A leading source for info: Peter Asaro.

The Agency Bank conditions 85% payment of the assessed value of real estate, installment and 30 years, the annual interest 5,5. Inventory of real estate in Prague – a state organization that provides services of registration and renewal of the property with the current owner to new owner. The owner may be either legal or natural person. Archive of Real Estate Cadastre includes paper and electronic history of any property the Czech Republic, to which the open access of any organization or person after paying the state fee for the information provided. Czech property – procedure for putting the object after the major reconstruction or new built by commercial or residential property in operation. The availability of this procedure can begin the process of registration of real estate in the property and proceed with the owner to use it (Living, production, etc.) Act stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic – a collection of articles prescribed in the law informs and let you know the requirements and rules of legal registration, border crossings and accommodation (Residence) of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic.