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Speaking of real estate, are doing reference on all those goods which by their conditions of training, its structure and its size, it is impossible to move from one place to another without causing damage affecting its image, so between this modality of goods found houses, farms, buildings and all kinds of buildings which may be destined for the room or instance of people. Feature that refers to impossibility of transfers without the chance of damage, is due to real estate are attached or made part of the land, therefore its foundations are glued to the ground or to a given terrain where he established the bases of such property, there the generation of damage which, in addition to the great difficulty involved in the uprising and subsequent transfers of a structure of the weight that may have to be submitted a construction. As you can understand one of the main features of the immovable is immobility, term which is also the origin of the property term; but should be taken into account that in certain laws and for the purposes of a civil nature, given the consideration of real estate objects that by their characteristics if they move because they are not subject to bases or to the ground, because in fact are a means of mass transportation, but if you have large dimensions, as occurs with ships and aircraft. On the real estate can be found a large number of figures and concepts that relate to the conditions of the same and which differentiate them from the movable property; These include a series of provisions of a civil nature such as: for the civil effects real estate must be registered in the register of real estate, i.e. the cadastre, which meant greater protection to the right to protection.

On the immovable may lie the mortgage, which is a guarantee against the payment of a debt of large size as we mortgage loans, while in the case of movable property lies is the garment. In what refers to time or term for which is Configure the Usucaption or limitation periods in real estate is much greater. Speaking of real estate also is of great importance talk about location, since that usually when we speak of real estate can count on specifications such as boundaries, address, nomenclature, allowing you to locate them easily. Aside from the civil provisions relating to immovable property, must also make reference to tax law, mainly aimed at the tax aspects: so about real estate lies a tax, which is a tribute levied ownership of such goods, which is determined on the basis of the cadastral value having the immovable; the tax is also due to the increase of the value of land of urban nature, on income on the heritage.