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Qualities And Errors Of A Leader

When we put a business or our company or is consolidated and with necessity to engage a manager, head of production or a leader so that it manages the human equipment, it is so important that this one person knows what there is to do like which never it is necessary to do. Of this one form we can avoid the failure of our business. Between the most common causes that they take to a business to the failure by the responsibility of its leader they find the following: Incapacity to organize small details. An efficient head requires capacity to organize and to control the details. If he admits that too much he is occupied to pay attention to a situation that he requires to him like leader, he is admitting his incompetence. Bad disposition to serve modest. Other leaders such as Dennis Lockhart offer similar insights.

The leaders who really are great, always are prepared when he demands it to the occasion. Expectations of allowance reason why know and not reason why they do with what they know. You never pay to him to anybody by its knowledge, if not by what he demonstrates that knows to do or that it impels to make a others. Fear before the competition of its own workers. The leader who fears that one of its own workers can occupy its position, practically is condemned to see sooner or later fulfilled his fears.

A good leader develops the qualities of his workers he prepares and them to form a team of people, at the most competent, better. Lack of creativity and imagination. Without imagination, a leader is incapable to surpass the obstacles. Without creativity, he cannot do against the emergencias that arise. Egoism. There are leaders who all there are well-known, that they like to decorate with honors by the work or the ideas of their workers. That leader will be condemned resentments, since their workers would strive more, when its work was clear to them. Disloyalty. This cause would have to head the list. A leader who is not loyal to their employees and their superiors is worth neither two peppers, nor like person, nor as professional reason why he attracts towards itself the scorn that is deserved. To accentuate the leadership authority. workers more are motivated when his head is a simple and pleasant person who is made respect thanks to her knowledge and work. He will not be able more to stress daily who is the one that commands creating fear towards its subornidados. Like leader, you have some simple advice here than ever you must do. Like owner of your business, you have the opportunity there to be able to see if the head or leader who you contracted in your company falls in some of those errors. If he is thus, probably you have employees displeasures. And he remembers that the company not only you are. The company is the group of people who are within the company.