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Property Insurance

Mutual insurance has been particularly well developed in ancient Rome. It was used by various corporations and boards, uniting its members on the basis of socio-economic, religious, domestic and personal interests (for example, legionnaires, gladiators, the Charioteer, etc.). The main objectives of such insurance have been providing to its members decent burial (installation of the monument, the organization of the funeral procession), material support in the event of injury, disease, and so on. Participants in these organizations pay the corresponding lump-sum, and then monthly premium. Form of mutual insurance companies existed in the Middle Ages. Medieval insurance is commonly referred to -tseho-vym. The first guild merchants and artisans originated in England (IX-XI centuries). And then in Germany (XI-XII cc.) and Denmark (XII century) Damages or benefits are made from the general Guild or obschetsehovoy cash or by subsequent layouts among its members.

Mutual Aid Organisation in the guilds, and shops are gradually being more definite shape. During this period there was a division of insurance for personal and property. Private insurance in the guild provides for payment of benefits in the event of death, illness and disability. Property Insurance implied damages arising from natural disasters such as flood, fire, shipwreck, loss of livestock, as well as losses from theft and looting. In the same period, specify the size of insurance contributions and insurance payments, determined the list of insurance cases in which these payments were made, and other special insurance case, which gave the right to receive additional aid, it was ruined member of the guild for whatever reason.