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Property In Bulgaria Is What I Dreamed !

In recent years, Bulgaria continually proves that it is for Russian buyers of real estate the most positive power for the insertion of capital. Demand for houses and apartments, as well as non-residential property in Bulgaria grows daily, but the number of offers is constantly increasing. If we take into account only Runet, the mass for sale of immovable property, Bulgaria ahead of the rest. Our sellers of real estate estimated that in the last year of the Russians who purchased villas abroad, account for about a quarter of those who bought a cottage in Bulgaria. It is believed that first came to Bulgaria British buyers real estate, which, as they say, 'great specialists in this matter.

" Practice shows – where they came and began to acquire real estate British, the country began experiencing an unprecedented economic boom in this area. Pattern of the last time – for the British in the country come to Russian businessmen. As it happened with Bulgaria in the early 21 th century. If an analysis of what forms of property involve our businessmen and ordinary Buyers then can see what sold: cottages and apartments located in the building stage, erected on the water, mountain or building plots, plots of land to be used for subsequent construction of a cottage to shelter or sale; apartments and commercial property in the capital and major cities for the operation, lease or profitable resale. No secret that our countrymen increasingly interested in alternative to the purchase of housing for their own needs, often for a summer vacation and stay than to emigration and the future of citizenship in Bulgaria.