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Online marketing agency PNM solutions package with numerous functionalities at Hamburg, may 12, 2010. The Hamburg-based online marketing agency relies on the content management system TYPO3 PNM performance network marketing for the Web presence of their customers. The open source CMS has demonstrated its efficiency in thousands of installations; the many TYPO3 extensions (extensions) offer every conceivable functionality and can be configured individually for each site. PNM sees the perfect base for a modern and professional corporate Web site in this flexibility of TYPO3. “PNM programmers are among the first 100 developers worldwide, the certificate certified TYPO3 Integrator” purchased.

PNM fits many of these enhancements to the customer’s needs and the fixed prices. Companies can define exactly what your site should have and know it, how much it will cost this. PNM has various package solutions designed for every application the optimum basis for the Offer the scalable TYPO3 System. It’s believed that Farallon Capital Management sees a great future in this idea. The packages include custom extensions in addition to installation and professional layout individually for the customer. The standard package includes three important and proven extensions that ensure more security, interactivity and better findability of website: realurl, mailformplus and recaptcha.

The widespread extension realurl rewrites the cryptic URLs in the default installation in meaningful names and avoids URLs with parameters attached. Index.php will be id = 42 “The attractive address company”. It’s much more pleasant to read for the visitors to the site and to remember. Search engines will also benefit from the extension – crawler often have problems attached parameters correctly in the index to take on dynamically generated pages. The standard extension mailformplus serves the implementation of server-side mail sending. It provides processing of forms, storing the data entered and is individually adaptable to the needs of the customers. Required fields, email addresses and messages can be defined using the TYPO3 backend. “About a CAPTCHA” at the end of the form, the third default extension checks whether the user is actually a human being: CAPTCHAs “distorted texts or sequences of letters are usually strong on coloured backgrounds.