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Personal Branding

During our work with clients to create a personal brand, I have a lot of observations about the decisions that allow us to strengthen personal brand. At the same time built up and monitoring of the actions that hamper the development of the brand. Of course, what a huge number of factors, but today I will tell only those that occur fairly often. 1. Positioning Perhaps the most significant blunders are taking place in their personal positioning. About positioning the business written many excellent books, and chapter on this subject is contained in any edition of Marketing.

And yet … mistakes happen. One of the fundamental errors in the positioning personal branding is that it mechanically applies the principles of corporate and product positioning. Yes, in these areas a lot of useful tools to use. However, experience working with clients I have long concluded that the principal axis coordinate in personal branding is the identity.

While a person will not understand this level, errors will occur in the external positioning. I contend that personal branding – positioning starts with identity. Perhaps there are opponents of this idea, but now I see the opposite. As I often say this in his speeches and interviews, then I notice that many market players are also slowly gravitate to the concept. Apparently beginning to understand that to build the external position to the inside. 2. Do not commit acts of great Typically, the construction of personal brand – not a very quick process.