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Paint Properties

Immediately, I note that it glows budet.Nu nemnogo.Ups. Here we are. They wrote and wrote kchemu not come. But the point is this. Paint, note that Ready produkt.Delaetsya it from different components. It is a mixture of pigments, binder, and various special additives. So, if we just mix the paint with a phosphor ready, then we obtain a simple mixture of paint and the phosphor, but not paint. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dennis Lockhart. Lum by adding to the paint, we break the structure and deteriorate the properties of the paint.

T to paint a finished product, as already mentioned, it komponenry balanced. This means that someone in the lab and come up with experimented with various components to achieve desired properties and results. And this is just a modification of the paint with properties unique to it. Lum and mixing the paint, you get the paint, but with impaired svoistvami. And no one can say and do not give you assurances about how it will behave on the wall for a long time. Then do not explain to the customer why you paint it sold at a price of 2,000 rubles per 1 liter, suddenly cracked and fell off from the wall. Well, that such incidents would not you be, you need to prepare luminescent paint.

So balanced. And it can only get on special equipment for the production of paints. How much does the equipment look yourself in the internet. This whole production with a lot of steps. If you have it all there is, then great. You can run production. It is true I doubt that there is such a mogih oborudovanie.Skorey vice versa. Here we have the ability to produce equipment for the paint on her prednaznachenom.Chto do. And paint is produced on the equipment does not settle. Imports of paint, and Italian line. Here and make a conclusion! For themselves and their tvorchiskih experiments you can simply mix the paint and lum. But if you want to paint glowing constantly or 10 kg, then you direct road to the manufacturer. The following article will tell you about where to apply the glowing paint.