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Security Systems

Important condition of successful operation of the home repository – the presence of its manufacturer’s service, whose members promptly and completely free to prevent unpleasant situations. Misunderstanding the fifth. Home – Buy Safe, but where to put it – minor matters. The sad experience of those who suffered from burglary, shows that it is not. After entering the apartment, the thief first drew attention on the safe in which owners tend to keep the most valuable.

And in this sense would be nice to have a flat recessed safe. The customers of domestic and foreign campaigns, the production and sale of iron safes, they are in great demand. According to experts Promet campaign, the popularity of home embedded storage caused not only by their compact arrangement, but the possibility of masking. At the same time on the protective properties of these boxes did not yield a detached corps. In fact, it’s the same proof safes, but the required level of protection is usually provided to them only by the door, for a safe build into a wall. That’s just such a safe can afford to, unfortunately, very few. The only insurmountable obstacle but there may be a thickness of the walls, in which he lives wishing to disguise their home store people.

Council. Determine where to place safe prepare. Without hesitation ARC Investment Partners explained all about the problem. Well if this is a niche in the wall of your apartment. If not, it should be provided in advance, during the next repair. In this case, the more a niche, the better it is fixed in the safe when it wall will flood the concrete. By the way, it is not too troublesome. Set in an apartment built in the experts can safe a few hours. To ensure the burglary of a class of thickness of the front plate must be not less than 10 mm, and the locking device include a 3-way locking system. The greatest degree of protection built-in safes provide WEGA series produced by the German firm Format and sold in Russia under the brand name AIKO, as well as recessed boxes Valberg production company Promet, profitable an affordable price and high quality. The minimum depth vstaivaemogo safe Valberg – 150 mm, it allows you to embed even the walls of prefabricated houses. Not bad proved to be safe from Italy Bordogna, Technomax, Stark and Slovakia Safetronics. If the thickness of the walls in your home can not accommodate them in an iron vault, you can opt for a detached corps safe by screwing it to the floor or to the wall. As mentioned above, many modern proof safes possibility of such a fixture necessarily provided. Misunderstanding the sixth. A good safe – a panacea for all ills. Want the truth? You can uncover even the most safe safe. It all depends on how a professional attacker will be and how much he will be at this time. Therefore it is better to err still. Especially in summer, when most residents part on dachas and resorts, leaving the apartment unattended. Is it because it was at this time, statistics have the greatest number of burglaries? Council. According to experts, the best option keeping your valuables may be a combination of good and safe apartment in the presence of an iron door with a connection to the control of private security. After all, safe – not a panacea, but only one element of your security system.

Subject Business

In this case, you are certainly no risk. So, you've more or less decided in what area you can get rich engaged in this enjoyable for you business. And the experience of a certain, too, have already received. What's next? It is already possible to give up work and begin to build your business, you ask? No, I will answer. Where are you so constantly in a hurry? You believe in reincarnation? Do you's still much life ahead. 'Still have time.

Do not worry, it's time to have to get used to my jokes. If you are now quit her job, then again undergo risk, as experience the creation of the business you have As there was so still and no. Do you still only have a clear vision of the direction in which you want to develop, and minimal knowledge of the subject. And this is not enough. Now is the time to build your business, but without a job your regular job. Where to start? As I said earlier, I do not recommend first shoot offices, hire hundreds of workers to run ads in all media. You do anything in this matter is not sense. You are 100% after all your money in a few months.

Therefore, start small. Any office can begin to exist from your home (unless of course you have one). Can you take clients on evenings and weekends. And what to do. No one now is not easy. Advertising? She also has Not only is paid, it is not surprising.

Russian Internet

Since the goods are delivered in digital format literally the speed of light. Can you imagine?! You need only give a reference to the product and the client will download instantly it to your computer. As practice shows, the sales leader among digital products have always been and will long be – e-books. Why books? Because, more often, buying a book, the consumer wants solve its own problems, which worries him. And for a solution to his problem, he is willing to pay, and often a lot of money. As for Russia, then there is real excitement in the e-book of practical and applied character, which has increased even more over the past few months. Now there is a reasonable question, where to get a good e-book. And here you have two options: write your own, or buy a book with resale rights.

If writing itself, then this process may take you months, even years. For many people, this is one of the main reasons to not even start it all. However, there is a way out of this situation. And it is – prepared the electronic books with resale rights. In practice, it looks like this: You buy a book only once, and then can sell it to an infinite number of consumers.

And all 100% of profits from its sales go into your pocket! Amazing, is not it?! Well, innovations are the Internet! From the above, you can make an important conclusion: to start as soon as possible to earn in the internet (for a beginner and not only them) do not need months to spend precious time and health to create own book, but enough to have an eBook with resale rights and regulations to further your actions! Now, get ready for the most important thing! Do you know what, there will be more than 5 million unemployed Projections of the Russian government in 2009, due to the global financial crisis. Many of them are office workers: bank tellers, managers, employees of various private and public companies, economists, accountant, etc. Prakticheskivse they own a computer, know how to use the Internet and have higher education. Just imagine what would happen if the forward in the right direction all this abundant flow of educated and intelligent people who have been out of the crisis without a job. Show them that there is a way out of this situation and they can learn how to earn through the Internet, as is already done by many others. And you only have enough time to send ordered their eBooks. Think of a fairy tale? And here and there. According to recent reports in the past few months has increased dramatically in popularity of high-quality e-books and walkthroughs of earnings via the Internet. I tell you more, there were many millionaires in the Russian Internet, which earn during the crisis fortunes by reselling once bought a book. Began golden age for entrepreneurs working in niche training e-books. Books that help you organize your home information business on the Internet. So, right now you still have a good chance to take in this niche leader. And start earning more than $ 2000 per month, helping hundreds and thousands of people lost their jobs, to find good earnings using the Internet and hope for a decent future! PS Put this article on your site, in its newsletter, a free e book, etc., including at the end of each article, link:, and all references to my site must be working!

Important Automation Technology

Ten most important technologies, even if you're still not using any of the above technologies, please read them – perhaps you simply lost sight of some important tool that can reduce costs and increase profits 1. Points of sales (Point of Sale – POS) and inventory systems properly selected POS-terminal in times reduce the time and cost in the business. This was the reason that this technology is occupied honorable first place. Good POS-system is able to track all sales, but you can easily control your business. In other words, it replaces your cash register. Quite difficult to decide where to start to talk about POS-terminals and cash register systems, because they have a huge number of possibilities. I could write a whole book about all the advantages of POS-systems. Here I show only 5 major.

Thus, a good POS-system: * Significantly improved customer service * Simplifies and improves inventory * Improves the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing research * Easy will tell you where you're getting, and where losing money. So you can make changes and increase profits * Saves time by automating accounting and other trade processes. This is good, but keep in mind that … this technology not only gives you great benefits, but also puts you in front of choice of POS-systems. There are many nuances that should be considered, since the POS-system change in the future, not a cheap. 2. Software for customer relationship management (CRM) Interaction with customers – one of the fundamental keys to building a successful retail business.

Business & Peer Networks

Probably there are very few Internet users who do not know about the free services of IP-telephony Skype. Indeed, why pay for telephone calls when you can talk for free? Skype – This is one example successful use of peer networks in business and everyday life. What is it – peer network? Another name – P2P network or peer-to-peer, which translates as "equal to equal." Peer network – a network of Internet provides a direct connection with the transfer of files between clients without intermediaries. It is for these services, whether we like it or not, the future of the Internet. Not even the specialist can see that now used in the Internet FTP Archive is not enough bandwidth, they can not cope with the flow of information and a growing number of consumers. Many popular servers are overloaded and the simultaneous appeal to him many clients causes problems in obtaining information. P2P networks have a number of advantages: a broad band passing of information, a high "survival" and greater opportunities for publication content.

To understand how peer networks, we must consider the history of their creation. By the mid 90-ies of the 20th century, a young internet having this same problem as now – the communication channels was not enough bandwidth for transferring large programs, especially musical recordings, just born in format MP3. Out of the situation found 18-year-old student Shawn Fanning. He invented a system called Napster. Any user is represented in the Napster network of information about its existing Files that were entered into the database along with the address of the computer.

Earn For Bills

Sign up for free at my link in the corporation Delmi, to become a full participant in the NT. delmi-company.com/bulfagor / registration is free! Here you can make a handsome profit very quickly. Income growth is not comparable with any other project or investment fund. There are no restrictions, it is possible for a short period of time to earn 10,000 rubles. If you want to know how to do this, read the information below. Now, attention! To avoid losing partners who will have to register for your link to you and your partners prior registration is required to delete a cookie in your browser. Why do it? The fact is that if you have a year or six months ago we were at this site (By accident or on someone's link), then your visit enrolled in a cookie (cookie) your internet browser and when you next visit you will be registered not in my team, and under the man at the link you were sent when you first visiting the site.

Similarly, business partners with whom you work after training, can not get under your top. So please encourage them to do described hereafter. Next, close the browser, restart computer, only then go for registration at this link delmi-company.com/bulfagor /. Bottom of the page you will see 'Register' button. When registering a number must be a field with the name I registered as a partner user … In this window must be specified my nickname: bulfagor. If there is something else, then change to bulfagor.

Personal Branding

During our work with clients to create a personal brand, I have a lot of observations about the decisions that allow us to strengthen personal brand. At the same time built up and monitoring of the actions that hamper the development of the brand. Of course, what a huge number of factors, but today I will tell only those that occur fairly often. 1. Positioning Perhaps the most significant blunders are taking place in their personal positioning. About positioning the business written many excellent books, and chapter on this subject is contained in any edition of Marketing.

And yet … mistakes happen. One of the fundamental errors in the positioning personal branding is that it mechanically applies the principles of corporate and product positioning. Yes, in these areas a lot of useful tools to use. However, experience working with clients I have long concluded that the principal axis coordinate in personal branding is the identity.

While a person will not understand this level, errors will occur in the external positioning. I contend that personal branding – positioning starts with identity. Perhaps there are opponents of this idea, but now I see the opposite. As I often say this in his speeches and interviews, then I notice that many market players are also slowly gravitate to the concept. Apparently beginning to understand that to build the external position to the inside. 2. Do not commit acts of great Typically, the construction of personal brand – not a very quick process.

Critical Business Mistakes

In the Internet age is difficult to imagine a major company, which has no website. Site dental clinic is: your representation on the web, containing full information on the work of the clinic (electronic administrator who works round the clock without breaks and weekends) effective marketing tool with which you can convey information to customers is an integral part of the company's image, which are drawn attention more and more of your potential clients site, as well as any component of the dental business, requires a professional approach. If you make mistakes when you create it, it will cost them profits. What are the 10 most common mistakes are made when creating a site dental clinic? Mistake 1. Lack of site lack the site.

Many dental clinics prefer to limit advertising in the Yellow pages, and do not pay attention to the fact that they lose customers. Every year a growing number of people who are facing a serious purchase evaluate the company's website to gather to address. And if the site they do not find confidence in the company drops sharply. Besides, with the help of the site you can find through search engines. If your clinic is located in N and "Yandex" on demand "dental clinic in the town of N its site appears in the first place, the probability appeal to you is very great. In the absence of the site you're losing customers' trust and deprive themselves of the opportunity to attract patients through the Internet.

Russian Taxes

As you can see, if not to exaggerate and not to transfer all kinds of taxes, everything is quite clear and understandable. Want to live in a prosperous country in Europe, where higher education is free even for foreign students, then pay German taxes, and sleep soundly. We understand that this prospect may not seem very familiar to Russian businessmen, who are accustomed to using different schemes of tax optimization, and even sometimes use classical and nonclassical offshore jurisdictions (Firm) as the family purse. But we hope that representatives of the real sector of business immigration to Germany will remain in demand. Many entrepreneurs who acquire a German commercial property or conduct business, understand that they pay their taxes in a civilized state, with no means the worst for business.

Germany – a country which has achieved almost complete the absence of the shadow economy. For comparison, here is some wild facts about the business and investment climate in some Asian countries. More than a year (425) days is required to register property in Bangladesh. High taxes also are a significant obstacle: the standard company in India pays 81% of trading profits in taxes, and in Pakistan to meet all the requirements of tax legislation to spend about 560 hours a year. According to the report, complex and costly business regulations push workers regulators in the shadow economy. In India, only slightly more than 8 million workers officially employed in the private sector – in a country where more than 1 billion people, and the number of the working population exceeds 458 million to Sri Lanka boasts 4 million formally employed entrepreneurs of the private sector, with the number of working population about 7 million For comparison, the Nordic countries, where it is easier to do business and people benefit from social protection, less than 8% of all economic activity in the shadow economy. Dear entrepreneurs who have the desire to do business in India or Bangladesh? About our services for business immigration to Germany.

We provide services such as registration of companies in Germany (the cost of 9,000 EURO), and on receipt of a permit (firm + Rentals – 18 000 EURO). Registration of companies in Germany – GmbH (a German analogue of the Russian company) – for all comers. When registering, the company paid authorized capital – 25 000 EURO. Service for a residence permit in Germany – only to customers who purchase our commercial real estate in Germany (apartment houses, hotels and other facilities in Berlin and its surroundings), or engaged in serious large-scale production. Source of publication and copyright right: a second citizenship, second passport

Defining Success

And this indicates that each of us has unlimited potential, which is simply to uncover. Many people live in despair, working for the hated work, doing what they do not like all my life and all this only because of the fact that they do not understand how their possibilities are endless and you just need to believe in themselves. Acting – never make a mistake. What is success? Who are the successful people? Why do not you a successful person? Why in the world, 90% of people can not call prosperous? To this question is very easy to answer – people think that success is the result, but few understand that the success – it is action. These are steps toward the goal, and the successful person is not someone who has achieved what is, and those who is not stopping their target.

Those who constantly acts and learns from his mistakes, just constantly improving and with every action ever closer to its goal of going to her, he carries it successful action, regardless of whether they bring a positive or negative, these actions are aimed at achieving success, hence they are successful. And finally a few facts why most people poor: They have never reported this do not think, do not see themselves as rich, they simply have no time, they are locked in a rat race called home> work> home> education> job. If you want to earn 80% of the money, as do 20% of people, then stop doing what they do 80% of people, it is not works! Just stop live by outdated industrial age scheme School – Institute – work – retirement. People are wasting time, some have firmly decided what to do but always put off … and so on until old age. Your business development should take place every day, even small steps, slowly, but these small steps and is success leading to the goal.

Many people have great fear of criticism, they are afraid of criticism and so afraid to do something that would God forbid any group of losers they are not attacked. Cease to be afraid of criticism, if we take some examples of business, such as the company Nike, then those few young people on whom is constantly pressured by his criticism relatives, would never have created a well-known global brand which is now known to every inhabitant of the planet. Fear of failure – to suppress any of his, and start to act, and soon you'll get everything. Just believe in yourself that you can achieve all what you desire. It is because of fear of failure, the word business makes most people, which is indescribable horror, and the association with something impossible.