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Create CNC manintelligible URLs

The ‘url’ is the universal resource address. it also links to resources. Human-understandable URLs – links that are not that look confusing jumble of question marks and ampersands (& icon) and transmitted them parameters (such as this – view_bill.php? id_bill = 11 – and that’s not the worst option), as well as links to static html-pages – for example bill_11.htm. In addition, they perceived a much easier person, such references are seen more likely to search System (the opinion incidentally, quite controversial – but most are inclined to it), which leads to better indexing these pages – and finding better sootvetvenno site users. That ultimately we want. What would work out techniques to create machines with Smarty – you can download a demo version of the scripting sale of real estate – it has already connected Smarty, there is a test ad and completely preserved work with templates.

All examples below are for templates is that the demo version. To create these same machines in any of the scripts ispolzuyuuschem template Smarty (in particular, one of my finished scripts), we need: – a module for Apache mod_rewrite (usually already installed on server, if you are unsure – ask your hosting provider) – a file. htaccess (and usually on a paid hosting is available for use) – the template files directly responsible in the script for the withdrawal of links that we should change. Proceed to ‘cook’. 1.

Create a file. Htaccess – if you already have, then just open it and add new lines – for example at the end. File must be located in the Stem script, for which we ‘prepare’ our machines. 2. It prescribes the rules for change – as it should modify the server URLs – as a matter of fact, changing links, does not affect the operation of scripts – but they still must obtain the expected parameters of a link. Means necessary, that would server ‘translated’ those ‘clear’ links, which we do – in the form of ‘incomprehensible’ man, but understandable script. This is the purpose of Apache module mod_rewrite. Example entry in the file. Htaccess, which sets rules for the replacement options form bill_22.htm (22 – random number, dependent on a particular ad, it is his id number) to clear the script link view_bill.php? id = 22. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule bill_ (.*). htm $ view_bill.php? Id = textarea More information about the commands used in the file: RewriteEngine On – a marker for the inclusion of rules modifications ‘urls’ RewriteRule bill_ (.*). htm $ view_bill.php? id = textarea A a rule that converts references of the form bill_12.htm in clear view for a script view_bill.php? id = 12 characters> – marks the beginning of the string, and the $ character – her late sign textarea – is the symbol – in this case the unique number of ads that obtained by processing links – and he is captured by the expression (.*) in our search bar and replace it. Next – the site you want to organize the creation of these very understandable URLs (of the form bill_12.htm). This is done in a template – for a script like this real estate template.

Energy-saving Lamps – How To Choose

Overview of the main characteristics of energy-saving bulbs There are several key characteristics that can distinguish between energy-saving lamps. These characteristics are: type of cap, energy consumption, color temperature, appearance, producer. Energy consumption. As a basis we take the most common power for incandescent lamps: 40, 60, 100, 150 watts. A similar light bulb will emit energy capacity (Reduced 5-fold), respectively: 8, 12, 20 and 30 watts.

Color temperature. For the most part comfortable choice of color temperature depends on the preferences of the person. There are lamps of cold (6400 K), warm (2700 K) and daylight (4200 K) light. What light will be pleasant to the eye a certain person can not be predicted. But it is likely that you will have on the disposition is a warm color, it is recommended to all who are going to buy energy-saving lamps. Therefore, recommended to have energy-saving lamps in the sale of "all colors". Cap.

In Russia, in most cases the three main types of base: E27, E14 and E40. E27 – the most common, is suitable for most cartridges modern lighting fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, etc. E14 – a smaller version, is mainly used in desk lamps of low power. E40 – Production and street option is used where you want more power lamp. Appearance. There are spiral and U-shaped fluorescent lamps. The principal difference is they do not, except that the spiral slightly more expensive due to more complex technological process of manufacture thereof. Producer. Fundamental difference here. If we are to choose, for the life of the lamp, some manufacturers it reaches 20,000 hours. But the price of these lamps suitable. Also, I advise to buy lamps energy production in China. Lamp, imported from China is no different in quality from the European or any other producer countries. But at the same time energy-saving lamps from China is cheaper.

Earl Grey

If your grandfather loves tea without additives, then dwell on the classic varieties. The following list – just some, “most recognized”. But you, of course, can not be limited to: * Chinese black tea Keemun. With a slight taste of wine, and pine. One of the major advantages – a relatively small amount of caffeine. * Indian black tea “Darjeeling.” Tart taste, with a muscat flavor. Interestingly, this tea is still called “the champagne tea.” * Indian black tea “Assam”.

Very deep flavor. By the way, he prefers the Queen of Great Britain. If your grandfather does not refuse to try something new, chose one of the following cases: * Mate. ” Green herbal tea common in South America. Along with him, by the way, we can present a special drinking vessel – kalabas.

* Earl Grey. Flavoured black tea with oil from the rind of the fruit of bergamot. Name of tea is often translates as “Grey (Grey) Earl,” but his real translation – “Earl Grey”. * White tea. Surely, this kind of tea would be “something new” and pleasantly please grandfather. Especially that white tea has a more pronounced healing and tonic properties than green. So, if the tea were determined, it remains to think about how you can make a tea ceremony more enjoyable. First, think about a soft blanket, say, a camel-hair: with him will come comfort and warmth. Secondly, a good idea to make sure that your grandfather was a long robe. Him he can take a sauna or a bath, and is not afraid of cold. Pay attention to the bathrobe inside and mats outside: they look particularly noble. If you want to add to gift more personal nature, it can be, for example, find all your best photos together, buy a nice photo album and under each (!) photo write a few words. It may be known aphorisms, or better yet, your own thoughts and memories of his grandfather. But be sure to leave some pages free – for those photos that you alone have yet to do together! Gift grandfather – not just a difficult choice. It is also possible to unravel the great mystery of your childhood: how his grandfather can not guess your dreams.


Boilers – a vital necessity if not safely operate heating or heating system if the house or apartment is not laid pipe hot water. In this situation, boilers and save. Mounting the boiler in the building you probably stop worrying and be sure – you have a nice warm home in any weather. Of course, not forgotten such a nuisance as non-functional boiler, however, note that you can not watch if buy a pot of high-quality brand. It is clear that due when buying a furnace and boilers should be given to the well-known in the domestic market.

It is not in vain as these products won many Buyers and installed in the homes of people of many countries and different nationalities. Kohl you get the right boiler company – then rest assured it is working. In order to deed you choose wisely, we’ll let – where buy a boiler? In order to avoid paying many times more and not buy a faulty product, it is best to buy a boiler in a stationary store or online shop direct from the manufacturer. For example, popular in many countries mark the boiler equipment – Wolf (Germany). Boilers Wolf – made in Germany – gradually became popular throughout the world because of its quality. For Ukrainians, there is a direct representative of this brand – Universal House, which working in Ukraine since 2005 and currently the company is organized shops in all major cities. The company Universal House – the official representative of Wolf (Germany), for heating homes available solar sewers, solid-copper, cast iron boiler, condensing boiler, wall mounted boiler, heat pumps, steel boiler, gas boiler.

How do you know what pot to buy an apartment? It is reasonable to buy a wall mounted boiler if a your apartment gas pipeline. If the dwelling size is not too large then the gas boiler is sufficiently economical, especially if purchased modern efficient gas condensing boiler. Gas boiler can housed in a brand anywhere in the house, buy a ring compact wall hung gas boiler. Buy solid fuel boiler – one of good solutions to those to whom no suitable gas. For heating you can use coke, pellets bph, coal, wood – what you prefer. Buy a solar collector – a modern solution. Solar collectors work during the days of the scattered and in the days of bright light. By purchasing a solar collector you will be a cheap heating and hot water. The advantage of solar collectors that do not have to pay for the gas source, no need to construct a chimney, and no need to fuss about the fire, as it should do when installing boilers. Purchasing boiler or solar collector, you will have a heating source for your apartment. In order to make an uninterrupted hot water supply, you can buy a boiler Wolf (Germany).

Cosmetics Homemade

What is a self-made cosmetics? How does it differ from the shops? What does it consist? How prepared? When you buy a cream, it's hard to say for sure of what it is and how it's done. Beautiful words and luxury models praising the product to the skies. However, it should only look at the label, as it becomes clear that this is just refining the product and has a large number of chemical additives, mainly stabilizers and preservatives. When you yourself prepares cream, you know for sure that it, because they themselves add the ingredients. In addition, you can deal purposefully with a certain lack of your skin, using as components, the specific active ingredients. Cosmetic concerns are trying to create a universal cosmetics that would fit for the maximum number of consumers. To do this in one product can be used dozens of ingredients.

But it is precisely this – a dead end road. After all, the fewer ingredients, the less chance to meet exciting allergic component, and the easier it is for the skin cream. As the saying goes, all genius is simple. This Minimalism is largely suitable for any kind of cosmetics. Only using quality raw materials and natural ingredients, you can protect your skin from excessive chemical load. Cooking your own cosmetics – simple. It is quite feasible for any kitchen. Among other things, it is beneficial in terms of saving as a good cream today is worth more money, but you can create several creams for the same financial investment.

Ancestors Mastino

Already in the Middle Ages, this powerful and courageous dog guarded the herd and defended the merchant caravans from the attack of robbers in Rottweil (Duchy of Wurttemberg, Germany). Rottweilers are often kept butchers, and so it became known as a dog butcher. The first Rottweiler breed club was created in 1901 in World War I served as a rottweiler in the German army. By I960, the Rottweiler breed was in the same well-known throughout the world. Mastino napoletano-Mastiff Mastino Napoletano ancestor-napoletano were ancient fighting dog, and intermediate link in the genealogical tree species has a large Italian Molossian described in the I century agriculturist Columella.

Dogs of this breed Mastino napoletano-fought with the Roman legionaries, and therefore spread through Europe in direct proportion to the growth of Roman rule. Ancestors Mastino napoletano-performed at the circus, and used in hunting. Mastino napoletano-breed is a close relative of the Cane Corso. Modern type Mastino napoletano-emerged in 1947 through the efforts of the breeder-breeder P. Skantsiani. Bullmastiff Bullmastiff breed bred by crossing a bulldog with a mastiff. As a result, bullmastiff inherited the qualities of their ancestors: the speed and energy Bulldog, large size and massiveness of the Mastiff. Bullmastiff was bred in the xix century to protect large estates.

Bullmastiff recognized as a breed in 1924, currently bullmastiff is very popular. Boxer Deutsche Boxer Ancestor boxer, as a mastiff, was the eastern Molossoid used for protection against wild animals, and as a pickling and fighting dogs. In 1890 for breeding the breed Boxer in its modern form crossed the German bullenbeysera (in Currently, this breed has disappeared) and an English bulldog.

Czech Republic

Proposals with an invitation to the placement in the Czech Republic has more than enough. Only need to be able to make the correct choice of child kindergarten with English and German languages, power system and child development. Schools with intensive foreign language study and the specific objects as much to arrange the child and refer to the manual Czech schools better with an interpreter, as will discuss the conditions and terms of training, the cost of day-care and additional circles in school. Theme of learning Russian foreign youth in high schools and universities Czech institutions devoted to other articles company news block "Prague Lion". Insurance in the Czech Republic takes no little importance, or rather one of the key places in the lives of all Russian-speaking immigrants. Foreigners residing in Czech necessarily need to have insurance in one of the Czech insurance companies.

First, private insurance in the Czech Republic need to obtain medical care in the treatment, and secondly insurance is required for renewal their status of residence in the Czech Republic. Foreign Police in the Czech Republic in extending any type of visa requires the presence of a foreign citizen serving the Czech coverage. On insurance of their property in the Czech Republic migrants thinking at the time of purchase and sale transactions. With mortgage or credit support real estate transactions Czech bank, the bank will oblige the new owner to insure privacy as well as the object property acquired in the Czech Republic. Car insurance each insurance company offers two versions of the Czech Republic.

Real Estate Repairs

After the purchase of office, usually happy owners have to immediately begin repair work, and only a few cases are the exception. But the acquisition of real estate is not the only reason to start repair – It may be necessary, related to the redevelopment of premises and so on. As is well known repair – a time-consuming and fairly complicated process that requires considerable material and time costs. Given this, the best solution is to hire experts, good now, it's not a problem, many kinds of construction firms, and just team builders widely advertise their services. But the choice of workers who will perform all work should be taken very seriously. A lot of precedent, when careless workers due to negligent attitude to work not only disrupted the timing of work, but also the quality of their work left much to be desired. How could identify among a large number of proposals was one that would be optimal? Experienced people recommend to hire workers for a construction company, as this is the best and reliable option.

This kind of firms tend to have all the necessary permits to perform all types of construction work. The most important advantage of the cooperation with the organization will Finally, a formal agreement on the implementation of construction works. Forming a contract with the construction company should provide all the details – deadlines repairs, quality and other circumstances, but in this case, if the organization does not comply with its obligations, you have the opportunity to demand compensation from it. But you should know that, generally, the services of such organizations – it is a pleasure not from cheap. Therefore, there is another option that gives the opportunity to exercise the same amount of work at a lower cost, and quality and timing is not affected. Need to hire workers have already been tested, namely those who have recommendations from previous employers. But best of all will certainly look at the quality work done by the team and meet with people who have these jobs are done. If the same team carried out repairs, and claims to it no no, you can easily invite them to work, and in this case, most likely, everything will be done and in time.

Well, saying that "on clothes meet " does not cease to be relevant, is to ensure that the appearance of employees is essential and it is sure to pay attention. If you see that man or slovenly in his face remained roughly prints of the evening, it will be better all at once to say goodbye to these employees. With repair arises, as a rule, very much cares, but it's not as scary as it sounds. First and foremost about what to consider when choosing the construction team – people should be tested and have a positive recommendation.

Minsk In Belarusia

The city of Minsk – Belarusian capital, 'the hero-city', one of the largest cities in the country. The population is about 1,830,200 people. River flows through the territory of Svisloch. It's really beautiful and very clean city. Vintage Minsk, unfortunately, was severely damaged during World War ii. About this periodically write news Minsk. Therefore, the entire city center – is the restoration of historical monuments, as well as 'Stalinist Empire': Trinity, Upper Town, or Rakovskoe estate. Minsk geographically divided into 9 districts, preserved since the Soviet era.

What can you see here? Trinity Suburb – lovingly and carefully restored piece of old architecture in Minsk. Concrete symbol of Minsk – the City Hall. It is also useful to see: the Upper Town, Jesuit College, castle, or Church of Mary Magdalene. Should take a look at the church of the Holy Trinity to the ancient icon of Jesus and Our Lady, or the miraculous statue St. Roch, more renowned as the 'Red Church' Cathedral of the Holy Spirit with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Church of Saint Simeon and Helena on Independence Square. Would like to mention delicious Attractions past tense – Boulevard from a mass grave, buried here about 1000 civilians and guerrillas Skaryna Avenue, Akademgorodok, Jama – one of the most horrible places where there were mass executions of Jews and church on the 'Island of Tears "in memory of the dead in the Afghan war. At Minsk today – a beautiful modern city. Architectural monuments have survived to the present time, are the heart of modern Minsk.

Historical and architectural area of Minsk – the Upper Town. In the center is an area of Freedom, which was formed in XVI-XVIII centuries. As the main social center of the city. On its soil are male and female Bernardine monastery seventeenth century. Cathedral (formerly the Church of the Bernardine monastery) – the most significant monuments of the past. Built in Baroque model in 1642 on one of the highest places in the city. Together with the buildings of the monastery combines well-preserved medieval duo Minsk. A church monastery built in 1624. Liberty Square is located and the Jesuit church of 17-18 cc. Also, all of Minsk, and you can look at the official site of the city. I wish you all the best.

Investing In Property In Cyprus

Taking into account such factors as the level of foreign investment climate, the ratings on the Internet, the data show that in 2008 in Cyprus can expect a 20% increase. You can expect the growth of tourism – it's good news for investors who go to the real estate market. Sizes of rental income, made Cyprus a popular place for investment. Cyprus – an eu member and accession to the eu has already contributed to rising real estate prices. Cyprus combines the best Quality – 320 sunny days per year, beaches, infrastructure, banking system and low crime rate. Rules for acquiring property in Cyprus. Now citizens and other foreigners have the right to buy property without restrictions. Lifted restrictions on the size of land.

The procedure of purchase is simple. The entire process can take an English speech. The procedure is as follows: you pay a 4000 euro reserves. After making allowance property withdrawn from sale. At your choice, buying property can be engaged or lawyer or company-builder. Lawyer paid by the buyer on their own.

You make the down payment and sign the contract. More must obtain confirmation from the Department of landholdings. This document will be issued after verification of property titles. After receiving confirmation of the Department, you should open a bank account. To do this you must apply to the bank and get permission to open an account. In the next step should be to pay the stamp duty for the legalization of property. If you pay for an object by yourself, then you are making a Developer installments on the expiry of the construction. Issued permit is a small and a formal procedure. It will cost 360 euros per contract. Three years later, you will be issued a certificate of ownership. In this case you pay a registration fee for a permanent certificate. A foreigner to get a loan in Cyprus is easy. Loans are granted under the approximately 6% per annum. To obtain a loan, the necessary documents: Photocopy the applicant's passport. Help on the balance of the account. Information about the property. Proof of income of the applicant. A copy of the payment order by the first payment. Payment of loans can be sold for several schemes: Scheme 1. The first 5 years interest only monthly payment for a loan. Scheme 2. Monthly payment of interest only. The loan amount is paid in a free manner. Scheme 3. Payment of the loan begins next month, with grace period for two years. Expenses of sale: attorney's fees – 1% of the site. Stamp duty – a one-time fee – 0.15%. Registration Fee (Title Deeds) – paid a lump sum – 3% – 8%.