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Optimize Costs For The Purchase Of Information

The company "Informzaschita" is a new service to bring information systems and business processes of the bank in compliance with the standards of the Bank of Russia, including the safety of processed personal data. The service is designed based on the Bank of Russia adopted set of documents in the field of standardization 'Information Security organizations, the Russian banking system. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Schiff, another great source of information. " Documents are designed to run on the banks of the Russian Federation, the requirements of federal law 'On Personal Data' and requirements (recommendations) Regulators (Roskomnadzor, the Russian FSB, Russia FSTEC). New Service allow banks, accepted or are planning to take standartSTO BR IBBS, optimize timing of the requirements of both the Standard Bank of Russia, and the requirements of the federal law of the Federal Law 152, as well as to optimize costs for these works. In developing the methodology for services has been accounted for over 10 years experience specialists "Informzaschita" Data Protection in the banking sector, which includes more than 50 projects to bring in compliance with international standard PCI DSS, more than 30 projects for the protection of personal data, as well as projects for the implementation of standard requirements of the Bank of Russia and the regime for the protection of trade secrets. Optimizing the timing and cost is achieved by the unique structure of services, taking into account the totality of the key factors: the level of maturity of the client, its level of equipment of the remedies implemented by corporate policy and technical some others, which allows you to build a plan of works specific to a particular company business.

In providing services to protective measures are chosen in such a way as to avoid duplication of different protective measures and achieve compliance with the requirements and recommendations as industry and national regulators. As a result, the provision of service, the bank receives a system in accordance with the requirements of the standard STO BR ISS requirements and FL 152 for the FSB and FSTEC – with documentary evidence, recognized by the Bank of Russia. An additional advantage for the bank is to implement a package of technical and organizational protection measures that will reduce costs alignment and to the standard PCI DSS. As Vladimir Gaikovich, CEO "Informzaschita": "This service is built on new technology that allows the maximum to adapt to their specific needs customer. She decides to date for the bank problem, but is not itself a model, because each client is unique. While this service, we fully take into account the existing experience of the assessment standard STO BR IBBS and brought into compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law 152, which will allow our customers to optimize the cost of compliance with the requirements of regulators at the expense of our experience and a maximum consideration of the specific customer. "