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Nutrition Advisor – Citrus Fruit: Small, Healthy Vitamin Bomb

A vitamin-rich and balanced diet is very important especially in the cold season. Especially vitamin C strengthens the immune system and the body’s natural defences and can therefore against colds and flu protect. Especially now in wintertime, citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and lemons are perfect vitamin c suppliers. Vitamins are very important for health, which is generally known. But also in everyday life to diet, rich in vitamins and balanced, it is not always easy. Fruit is a healthy and also gorging snack for between meals in each bag fits, if the time for the lunch break again once is not enough. Especially citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines or lemons are very healthy by many contained vitamins.

We take, for example, the Orange: oranges contain abundant vitamin C too much carotene and essential B vitamins. And insert itself into its shell also vitamin and pectins. The pulp contained Bioflavonoids which have strong antioxidant effect and so also positively affect the health. And It goes even further: vitamin C protects the artery walls, promotes the removal of plaques, normalizes the production of cholesterol, reduces the secondary risk factors in the liver and relieves vascular wall tensions high blood pressure, which increases the availability of relaxation factors and the reduction of elevated blood pressure result has. Vitamin C is so to speak perfect prerequisite for the functioning of your immune system. And citrus fruits have yet another positive side effect: who exchanges his snack in between against citrus fruits or vegetables can do quite incidentally still something for the slim line.

Because even though fruit tastes wonderfully sweet, it is ideal for a calorie and low-fat diet, if one has the desire to reduce his weight. 100 g Orange for example only 40 kcal and 0.19 g of fat. So ideal, to achieve the desired weight. And weight loss despite a healthy, nutritious diet difficult for whom, Sanacontrol can a novel, innovative, Help medical product, which sells hunger feelings in a gentle way, to get rid of those pesky pounds. Curious?