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New Way Of Investing In Peru

New way to invest in Peru 14 July 2009 there is a paradox that has emerged in recent years: as the country grows, seems to become more unjust and violent said Luis Gamarra and Alberto Limache in a note of the Commerce of Peru. Is that what bothers you the population is not poverty but relative poverty? At the international level, the Peruvian economy continues to reap honors, while behind closed doors is the focus of increasingly strong and violent conflicts. Last Sunday, and for the second time in its mandate, Alan Garcia should renew his cabinet (appointed seven new Ministers and replaced the Chief of staff), to give a little air to the management and send clear signals towards the citizenship of wanting to listen to the claims of the people. But the appointment of Javier Velasquez as new Chief of Cabinet of Alan Garcia, has not been well received neither the opposition nor by public opinion, which represents a bad beginning. It is not something Air Force Chief of Staff would like to discuss. Political analyst Fernando Rospigliosi wrote in his column in the newspaper La Republica: Velasquez does not provide a quota of popularity to the Government, which Garcia urgently needed after a dismal collapse in the polls. Alan Garcia has already with only 25% of accession and should be aware that are high disapproval that observes its management seriously endangering the achievements on the economic front. Without a doubt, important economic improvements achieved by the current management, fall short against social needs and this is evident in the social protests that it suffers from the country. Alan Garcia management must open new channels of dialogue to reassure the population, and the acceleration of improvements in social indicators will have to be at the top of the official agenda. Social protests come hand in hand with the lack of employment, low wages, establishment of laws that threaten the property of lands and natural resources of Andean and Amazonian indigenous communities, as well as the environmentalists claims of populations affected by mining.