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We compared the activity of this website on Sunday 25 October, when the hands of the clocks turned one hour earlier on Sunday, October 18. Sunday is – and Saturday – the day of the week with the highest average hours spent at a site. The length of the workday has been adapted to 24 hours for the same periods and took into account the number of visits during the two days. Change in number of hours spent visiting the site groups hours of the visitors are very consistent when comparing the same days of the week, week after week. Distribution – in percentages – of the visitors in a day varies little over 7% of the total average daily, referring to the difference between the sum of the percentages of total visits. We found that during the time change is a significant advancement in effect visiting hours on the website: up to 10% of users begin and end earlier to visit the Web site from the beginning and the end of the day . (A valuable related resource: Chief of Staff). While the total is negligible change in numbers, it shows the change in user behavior: the web site visits and will begin to decline earlier in the course of the day.

Similar examples can be viewed on other websites Nestoria, in countries adopting the summer time. Total Transportation Services, Inc understands that this is vital information. (, Y). An hour will not contribute to a significant increase in the activity. The more time the last Sunday in October, extends the effective duration of this particular day of 4% (for 24 hours at 25 hours). The number of visits increased by an average of 2% – taking into account all four sites -. It is unclear whether the change in the total number of visitors is attributable to seasonal factors and / or the increase in day length. It seems that the extra time is no longer dedicated to work online. The extra hour of this day in particular, could have been devoted to rest or other recreational activities. It would be interesting to compare these examples of online activities with other activities "Offline" – such as trade, transportation, telephone use, etc -. Conclusion Summer time had no significant impact on the network, in terms of visits or performance.