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Minsk In Belarusia

The city of Minsk – Belarusian capital, 'the hero-city', one of the largest cities in the country. The population is about 1,830,200 people. River flows through the territory of Svisloch. It's really beautiful and very clean city. Vintage Minsk, unfortunately, was severely damaged during World War ii. About this periodically write news Minsk. Therefore, the entire city center – is the restoration of historical monuments, as well as 'Stalinist Empire': Trinity, Upper Town, or Rakovskoe estate. Minsk geographically divided into 9 districts, preserved since the Soviet era.

What can you see here? Trinity Suburb – lovingly and carefully restored piece of old architecture in Minsk. Concrete symbol of Minsk – the City Hall. It is also useful to see: the Upper Town, Jesuit College, castle, or Church of Mary Magdalene. Should take a look at the church of the Holy Trinity to the ancient icon of Jesus and Our Lady, or the miraculous statue St. Roch, more renowned as the 'Red Church' Cathedral of the Holy Spirit with the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Church of Saint Simeon and Helena on Independence Square. Would like to mention delicious Attractions past tense – Boulevard from a mass grave, buried here about 1000 civilians and guerrillas Skaryna Avenue, Akademgorodok, Jama – one of the most horrible places where there were mass executions of Jews and church on the 'Island of Tears "in memory of the dead in the Afghan war. At Minsk today – a beautiful modern city. Architectural monuments have survived to the present time, are the heart of modern Minsk.

Historical and architectural area of Minsk – the Upper Town. In the center is an area of Freedom, which was formed in XVI-XVIII centuries. As the main social center of the city. On its soil are male and female Bernardine monastery seventeenth century. Cathedral (formerly the Church of the Bernardine monastery) – the most significant monuments of the past. Built in Baroque model in 1642 on one of the highest places in the city. Together with the buildings of the monastery combines well-preserved medieval duo Minsk. A church monastery built in 1624. Liberty Square is located and the Jesuit church of 17-18 cc. Also, all of Minsk, and you can look at the official site of the city. I wish you all the best.