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Millennium Possibilities

Hardly an investment area interested people currently more than real estate basic enough for the life sciences top magazine Frankfurt seen in the city of Frankfurt and its surroundings”, to seek the advice of an experienced real estate specialists are. Dr. Jonas Koller, Board which is S & K group, from the current issue give advice if you have questions such as: how is developing the real estate market? What must I do when possible investment? How do I find the most interesting investment opportunities? The real estate is booming currently. Credit: author-2011. However it should be noted many points before a possible investment, so that the dream of the real estate, be it is really true as a home or as an investment,”, says Dr. Jonas Koller.

As a Board of Directors which can S & K group with extensive practical experience reference Dr. Koller. After all, real estate worth several billion euros have rated in recent years his team and he. S & K – confirmed by the TuV Sud – bought properties for several hundred million euros so far and sold a Much of it with profit. S & K offers alternatives that come in liquidity bottlenecks in the short term also for owners of high-quality real estate. We cover the most interesting segments of the market”, so Dr.

Koller. New innovations are certainly symptomatic of the Frankfurt real estate entrepreneur. While the real estate specialist Dr. Jonas Koller can refer other awards on a variety. For example, on its membership in the Federal Association for economic development and foreign trade as a federal Senator for real estate. I think a well prepared and understandable disclosure in the real estate sector important to stabilize the currently created continuity in the demand for real estate and to expand”, says Dr. Jonas Koller. It is important to work out the real opportunities for real estate investment. The S & K group of companies in particular specialises in to purchase real estate from forced situations. The company offers different since the turn of the Millennium Possibilities for exploiting real estate. As a result, S & K recently became known that Dr. Jonas Koller awarded Gunter Sachs Villa during a foreclosure for the. S & K understands this like hardly another company in Germany to make it exploitation of properties of all kinds.