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Metallux AG

Never out of breath – ensure onshore wind turbines with optimal temperature control Metallux power resistors wire technology that does not run out of steam comes from wind turbines. Before renewed start-up of the system in accordance with operational downtime, developed resistance of Metallux AG to an optimal temperature control of power electronics by Converteam for onshore wind turbines take care specifically for this application. Whether as a loading and discharge resistors, braking resistors in propulsion systems, protection resistors, grounding resistors, resistors to the power supply or voltage limit or heating elements in many sectors of industry are safe and reliable resistors needed this also applies to renewable energy sources, as shown in the example Converteam. Converteam is a major supplier of system of the wind industry and preferred partner by OEM’s wind, wind park developers and operators. The company offers a comprehensive range of inverter, generator, power quality -, SCADA and power supply solutions. Converteam is also a Pioneer in the field of electrical systems for wind turbines and wind farms, as well as a global provider of wind energy converters. Specially for onshore wind turbines working under extreme weather conditions precautions for a permanently correct operation must be taken. So captures the respective operating conditions including a complex system of sensors and ensures that all electronic components at ambient temperatures < 0 C can work.

Because operational downtime the units often cool at temperatures far below the freezing point. Before renewed start-up of the plant developed resistances of Metallux AG for an optimum temperature control of IGBT modules provide therefore specifically for this application. Also during operation, operating conditions can be achieved depending on energy needs, that require a renewed heat. Metallux power resistors wire technology, preferably PWR-s series resistors are used The used here. high quality materials combined with degree of protection IP 55 do not warrant only a secure operation, but meet the high expectations of a long service of life.

The power resistors of Metallux AG product range includes innovative designs in thick-film technology, resistors on steel substrates of different geometries and a wide range of wire power resistors. Taking advantage of the benefits of the technology of resistance, it is possible the applications according to offer optimum solutions. Cemented wire-pipe resistance and numerous variants in an aluminium housing, as well as specially adapted designs include a wide range of base the performance spectrum of Metallux AG. Metallux AG is a powerful manufacturers of electronic components in thick-film technologies. The German high-tech company has a wide range of performance and offers customer-specific complete solutions in addition to the standard range of pressure, path and angle as well as foil sensors, high-voltage and power resistors up to the Manufacture of potentiometers and joysticks to. A designated customer orientation ensures satisfied customers with appropriate ideas and solutions.