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For marking, you can use a simple thread of a color will contrast with the color of the canvas. For example, if a white canvas, then use the red or black thread. This thread will lay plain seam on the proposed layout, with a string of not much pull. When the markup be extremely careful because just because of one mistake you can spoil the entire embroidery. When partitioning Do not use pencils, pens, markers, they are very satisfied with this content and leave on the fabric stains. At Technology author you will find additional information. Some embroideries are used a lot of shades that are close to saturation, and color, it gives additional effect of embroidery. Therefore we advise you to work in daylight, which makes it easier to distinguish colors during embroidery.

In some embroideries of the presence of French knots made metallized threads. If you think their performance difficult, you can replace them with tiny beads or beads. If you want to give some details in the embroidery effect lights, you can perform some of the stitches in 2 threads, one of which will be metallic thread. To accelerate and simplify the use of embroidery "by parking." To do this, prepare in advance a few pins with threaded and attach them to the edge of the canvas, and then use them as needed. In order to have tidy stitches were everywhere, be careful not to stretch the threads on the wrong side of the canvas, as they create shadows on the face. Always neatly hide the tips thread under the embroidered stitches. In the market for handicraft products are widely used for embroidery kits cross a variety of manufacturers. These kits are usually equipped with all the necessities, the there is a canvas, floss, scheme (black and white or color), the instruction. Schemes are usually printed on several pages, is a grid, broken down into cells. In the spirit are all characters that are on the scheme and the number of the next thread also specifies the types of stitches used in embroidery.