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Macbook Pro

If you’ve decided to buy a macbook pro, one of the many applications that you can be dar is the read news anywhere. In this way we can be informed at all times of everything that happens to our round, what happens to our famous favourites, of the results of major sporting events or new technologies that appear every day. If there is an interesting application to follow the news of our favorite blogs, full of useful features, elegant and that we will also find for iPhone and iPad, that’s Reeder. Long ago that we had heard rumors about its development to dispose of it on the desktop of our Macbook Pro. After a few months waiting already you can download the first beta of Reeder for Mac, which complies perfectly with the philosophy of their mobile versions. Let us remember that Reeder syncs with our Google Reader account, organizing the links in blogs and allowing a comfortable reading of news. It also has the possibility of sharing the links, send them with simplicity to our accounts of Instapaper, Read it Later, and other interesting services so that we can improve the experience of reading the feed without having to navigate to Google site by far. Although the developer warns that it is a first version, and is not exempt to failures or problems, we have not yet observed abnormal behavior, and everything works perfectly. For this reason we have encouraged us to talk about it and recommend it, since your discharge is also free from their website.