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Letter To My Wife

10:30 a.m. Letter to my wife … (Part CDXLI). a Continued … May 10, 2007 My thoughts insist on being reflected on my blog and to emphasize what this day says to me loud voices and concern that despite you're not, indicates something about your future nature of motherhood. You are a woman, possessing this breath that gives life to realize that your love capacity a "next to mine, and thereby create a new one and you end up, walk and make his own life, looking for that same miracle, we want you and me. You are a woman and not just a woman.

You are who carry within themselves, of that thing of God sharing life, during the time that is happening in an angel a "without wings now," these creatures to join us since the beginning of our lives, to incarnate creature, that call papaa a I do not know whether to mourn or release me laugh, but that is sure to cause me more than an unbelieving thought that haunts me today. Today does not live that adventure, odyssey for some blessing for others and some more, less, neither the one nor the other, but I know that for you is to receive my seed, they gestated for nine months, serve you medically, caring what you eat, what you think, feel, buy appliances and accessories and in all this, in between, talking with him, her, them, to end the contract that will live with him. I know there are more profound situations. The kind that only you for being you, contemplate and live.