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Krasnodar Territory

CIP – pros and cons of use. Back in 2002 in Pyatigorsk, held a meeting on the theme: "Enhancing the stability of overhead power lines in the extreme snow-glaze and wind loads." The meeting attended by managers of RAO UES of Russia ', technicians, industrial research institutes and design institutes, representatives of management services from Russia and other organizations relevant to the subject under discussion. The subject of discussion at the meeting were the accident VL 0,4-220 kV in the Krasnodar Territory in December 2001 – January 2002, which led to a partial blackout in the region with half the population. m opinions on the matter. The list of reasons on the lines indicated and absence of lines with insulated wires. In contrast to the overall situation in the region looked Tuapse district, where there were distribution lines with insulated wires at 0.4 kV. And there was no emergency. After Discussion at the Meeting were accepted, among other decisions: 1.

use SIP to power lines of 0.4 kV, 2. use wire to secure medium-voltage lines 10/06/35 kV. According to experts of RAO UES in 2002, air lines in Russia were in a state that allowed consumers to provide reliable electricity only to about 2010. To overcome negative tendencies should coordinate investment policies and provide priority funding for the development of electrical networks. Prior to the 2005 re-equipment and reconstruction of the subject to 90 thousand kilometers. Overhead with the class of voltage 6 – 35 kV. One of the current requirements, imposed on the reconstruction of VL was the usage of self-supporting insulated wires.