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Jose Roberto Espinosa

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Jose Espinosa Roberto Olea, better known as Pepe “The Brother” Espinosa (b. in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, in 1948 ‘m. Mexico City July 4, 2007) was a prominent Mexican journalist specializing in sports football, basketball, athletics and hockey.
Espinosa course degree in chemical engineering at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico City, where he played football on the team representing the institution. In 1976 he began his career as a reporter on Channel 13 television station of the former government, with dumbbells in transmissions of football with Joaquin Castillo Lara and Alejandro Licea, in transmissions with Constancio Cordoba basketball and other programs of the sports bar Jose Ramon Fernandez.
In Monterrey told in the government channel 28, with maestro Fernando Von Rossum, making what could be considered one of the best chroniclers of pairs of football in the history of Mexican television.
In addition to cover part of the NFL, Pepe Espinosa also Narro alongside Enrique Garay (his companion for many years), NBA games, Olympic Summer Games and Winter Olympics, the latter being where their coverage of hockey were time and after great success with Television Azteca were pioneers in broadcasting NHL games professionals. He also promoted the Saturday broadcasts of college football from the NCAA.
Was designated as the “Voice of the NFL in Mexico” by the commissioner of that organization, Roger Goodell.
As a strong advocate of sports culture, gave messages in their stories to the younger (his brothers), to lead towards a total culture of sport, so he advised them to train hard, go to the gym, eating nutritious, study school, respect their teachers and coaches. Always on the complications arising from having bad companies and some professional players as their careers hindered by this fact.
Latin America was the first commentator in history to hold the record for thirty cover Super Bowls (1977 to 2007). also covered six Olympic Games and worked for various television stations, including Imevision, Television Azteca, Fox Sports Latin America and from 1994 to 1995, the program of Monday Night Football CBS Americas. Radio Sport 101 driver was on ROCK 101 FM Nucleo Radio Mil in Sports Mix-FM and Sports Radio 1180 Acir. He was also a columnist for the website of the NFL in Spanish.
In the sport, Espinosa job as coach and coach of the team of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional Blanco, Sentinels of the Presidential Guards Corps and the Borregos Salvajes ITESM Campus Ciudad de Mexico. He was also coach of the Central American heptathlon champion, Maria Emilia Lenk, Iniesta and brothers, world champion pelota .
Espinosa died the morning of July 4, 2007 in Mexico City a victim of pneumonia a product lymphatic cancer afflicted him for years. At the time of his death he survived his wife Araceli Gonzalez Daniela and her daughters, Jessie and Alejandra. andgt NFL, News. Baltimore Ravens. Buffalo Bills. Cincinnati Bengals … History of … the NFL in 1922 and are the team with more championships in …
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