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Is Your Resume Doing Its Job ?

Is it opening doors to new opportunities? Does the reader to think, “Hey! This applicant can? That put one above the” call in an interview to the pile! “Do you show what you have accomplished for past employers as well as what can be achieved for the potential employer? Your resume is your personal marketing tool that must immediately convey to the reader that you can and will be a positive force for promote the mission of your organization. They have a need to quickly get through all the resumes received in response to your job posting so you have to quickly capture their attention. Numerous studies conducted by employment professionals indicate employers want immediately see what you can do for them at first sight in his curriculum vitae. Finding qualified candidates is a difficult task that is not on the list of the things you enjoy doing. Having to take time to read all the resumes vitae that sound alike can put you more alert to sleep. Your resume should make the reader sit up and take notice right away instead of inviting an afternoon siesta.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A resume should be power-filled words form a picture of an applicant productive worker in the eye of the reader’s mind. We need to immediately make a positive and powerful first impression to do his job and opens the door to the interview for you. Weight, specific resumes open doors to interviews developed by Angela Betts.