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Internet Proposals

Discussed below are the advertising of goods and services for industrial purposes, which consumers are industrial, construction, energy, transport, agriculture, etc. enterprise. Despite widespread development of the Internet, the vast majority of businesses still use the services of the Russian Post for sending various documents. Also, many continue to receive in the mail all kinds of commercial proposals. And it usually does not cause such irritation as spam. And they, unlike spam, read …

especially when it comes to proposals relating to the profile of the company. Secretariat, Office machine-building plant will not be disposed of in the shopping cart offers such as metal, metal-cutting tools and more used by enterprises in their activities. These proposals will be transferred to a specialist company dealing with the subject. Thus, the mailing (direct mail) ensures the supply of specific proposals of their products directly to consumers. Ie, only those who need. And who does not need proposal is simply not sent.

Understandably, if the same plant to send the proposal to undergo treatment for alcohol dependence, it immediately flies to the basket. Still to this advertisement does not apply direct word, and we are so advertisements do not we. And now a mailing of commercial proposals, informational materials called post advertising (direct mail), is widespread throughout the world, occupying the third place in the amount of advertising expenses after TV and print ads in the media. Mailing (direct mail) is appropriate in cases where one can clearly identify the target group (target group) and consumer goods to find the addresses of these customers.