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Internet Implantation

C What time I have? The time does not have to be the first conditioner. The important thing is to raise in a reasonable time project, to define dates them different steps and to fulfill them to rajatabla. Peter Asaro shines more light on the discussion. D How much I want to invest? The project like an investment is necessary to consider and like so, it requires of economic resources. It realises its budget on the basis of the different options that we described to him down but. Which is the complexity or the size of my company? If the structure of the company is complex, will need an actual adviser or an expert intern, if he is not thus, can evaluate other options.

Following the answer to each of those questions, it can decide the appropriate option or options but. 1 external Adviser (actual consultant’s office) the external adviser is a person with ample knowledge in the implantation of quality systems that move to the company, analyze the situation, prepare an implantation plan and write up in mutual agreement all the necessary documentation (manual, procedures, etc.). After this normally aid in implantation and even advises in the stages of preparation the certification audit. 2 external Adviser (consultant’s office on line) the adviser on line is a new form of implantation of systems quality. Are companies composed by experts in the implantation of quality systems that offer their services by Internet.

It is an analogous form to the external advisers but without displacement to the company. You choose according to the activity of the company what is the appropriate documentation but and receives all she (manual, procedures, etc.) prepared for its adaptation and implantation. The consultations and consultant’s office are realised by telephone or electronic mail. The cost of this type of consultant’s office is far below to the actual one. The 3 forums the specialized forums can even serve helpful during any phase of implantation and (or more), after this. In specialized Internet it can find several Web in which it can find answer to its doubts or to raise questions that in just a short time are responded 4 Other references Since we have said at the outset, has many companies that already have happened through the implantation of the quality system. If it knows some, pregnteles on his experience, pdale his opinion and recommendations. With this simple step it can obtain answer to many of his initial doubts. The 5 specialized publications Whether are expert as if no, always he is advisable to read some publication or book on the subject. As much in bookstores specialized as in Internet it will be able to find publications on the subject that will serve to him as aid in knowing the advantages and they will help him in his formation.