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Want to know how to leave a lasting impression from visiting your site, using transparent video banner? This article reveals the unique secrets that you will not tell any one professional video engineer, senior manager or internet marketer … Virtual-Internet-doubles this innovative level transparent Flash-video, which allows the creative and stylish to position their services in the network. I have no need for a long time describe all the benefits of these video assistentovi trying to convince you how much it is effective and profitable. You can now see it yourself to check my, virtual online counterparts, which will be released to your site and make a presentation of the training for me. Click here to see my video of twins, who will come to you, said hello and tell you the essence of the article instead of me. Now let's talk about the area use of transparent video clips with talking video poschnikami, and where they can be used. 1.) Emotional component: On average, each user spends on a site less than 10 seconds. If you can not get his attention during this time, you automatically lose your potential customer.

Direct communication through transparent video is of more value than a simple video clip on the site, because it causes a storm of visitors emotions. Virtual seller or Videopromouter site allows you to face your company a real person, that is your own or any other character. With the help of a transparent form of a banner, you will have many ways to attract the attention of site visitors, turning potential clients into permanent, because that positive emotions – is the queen of sales. 2.) Delegation and the promotion of your site using video-doubles. I you propose simple solutions to complex problems. That is, you can simply delegate the performance of your business, product or service to their virtual assistant.

If you still do not have your product, you can create page of affiliate products and launch it from your virtual video counterpart, effectively offering a commodity. Your video secretary so as to indicate or suggest to visitors, on what you should pay particular attention to thereby increasing the size of their partner or sales. You can give video-assistant job to ask the necessary questions on your behalf, and be a personal shop assistant 24 hours a day. You do not need to shoot myself. You can shoot the cute his girlfriend or other presentable and subsequently insert a transparent video on your website with others, most suitable for your proposal to the character. Immediately after I set the video twins on several of its sites, the number of visitors and sales immediately increased by 3 times (!) You know why, because people are going to my site and seeing the video banner, told his friends about it. So way, it turns out that the virtual video dvoyniksam without knowing it, contributes to the automatic promotion of your project and improve the reputation of the Internet! Even if you're not going to sell anything via the Internet You can easily organize your company to create transparent video-doubles for other people and flood them online. But what is most interesting, you can create multiple sites for popular free servers like narod.ru, after the launch of their video counterparts for these projects to eternal life and thus perpetuate itself in the Internet. Click to find out all the details: