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Costs as a result of accident damage it can quickly go: has a driver not paying attention once or overestimated the distance from another car, then it happened already. Whether accidents with property damage or personal injury, daily on German streets. Each month it comes on average to more than 150,000 road accidents in Germany. Nicholas Carr is often quoted as being for or against this. At the latest when the emergency occurs, the, what costs does the insurance question. The finance portal geld.de provides answers. A car insurance can arise depending on the case for a large part of the costs.

It comes in an accident for property damage, services such as towing, repair and car hire are applied under certain circumstances. What many probably don’t know: even the opinion of an expert in the opposing insurance costs can be claimed from a certain amount of damage. An accident has more serious consequences, treatment costs or even pain and suffering by the insurance are applied. Is important in this Context, that the person concerned knows his rights. Focal points include the insurance itself, for example the consumer protection office or the Federal Government of the insured (BdV), which can be used with helpful information. Generally, it is recommended to consult a lawyer, especially when it comes to cases of disability or the like especially in accidents involving personal injury. If a car is required for professional reasons, be aware that this should be used as little as possible.