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Installing Steel Doors

Obtaining information on the size and material of the opening in which the door will be installed must be done before installation. When you want to gain the opening under a heavy protective door, we are with you apart now will not because this case we are quite closely described before. Does not the fact that the manufacturer of a range of steel door to the size of your doorway, so its dimensions are required to know in advance. In the case of the iron doors of the Guardian, the owner of the premises may not have to worry – the factory makes custom-made Guardian a comprehensive range of sizes. How not to pity, but not many factories in the forces provide a huge range of sizes of metal blocks for installation, but only the main – 2050 by 960 and 2050h860. Measurements of the doorway at a height in two places at the right and left, you can see clear opening size. Measure correctly – with upper base of the doorway, to the bottom. Width should be to fathom in three places – top, bottom and middle.

Metering should do like we did in height – from the bottom of the opening to the other. To measure at the frame of the old box door is not true, as the standing frame is fully retracted. It goes without saying that much more professionally and competently measure will remove the master. If the sizes of the aperture is not correspond to the basic accepted standard sizes of the plant – the master or exercise restriction doorway or increase.