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OAO Barsky Machine Works' issued heating boilers gas bezdymohodnye COP-GS, COP-DHW heat capacity from 5 to 16 kW gas heaters and boilers chimney, with a capacity of 10 to 95 kW with automatic gas 'EUROSIT', with natural and forced circulation of water. Efficiency of not less than 90%. In boilers Pressure combustion chamber. The combustion air required for combustion, as well as emissions of combustion products through the outer wall of a building that does not require a vertical flue duct. Euro Pacific Precious Metals takes a slightly different approach. Multicell composing atmospheric burner ensures a high environmentally clean products combustion engine, quiet in operation, lack of accumulation of soot in the combustion chamber under long-term operation. The enterprise also produces gas apparatus Dual Wall AGD-23 with a coaxial arrangement of tubes exchanger, bringing together the functions of heating and domestic water heating.

The device has a self-diagnostic features, electronic flame modulation, protection against freezing, equipped with a pump willo (Italy). Except Barsky said equipment plant produces electric boiler heating -Kep-12 rated at 12 kW. cjsc 'THERMO' Lugansk available heating devices AOGV-7, 5; AOGV-10 (more than 20 models) – for heating and hot supply rooms up to 120 square meters. Can be installed in flats high-rise buildings. The devices are equipped with automatic safety and control 'SIT' (Italy).

Efficiency boilers More than 92%, 3-year warranty. jsc "Lugansk Electric Apparatus Plant has mastered production of heating of the electrode-ionic electric boilers Kulon on the basis of the Law of Ukraine from 20.02.2003 years 555-1V Alternative energy sources and The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 28.09.2006 years 502-P "On the transfer of settlements in the heating power." The plant developed by a unique energy-saving technology a new line of high- energy-efficient heating systems for heating residential and industrial facilities that save consumers significant money and help get rid of the problems associated with installing and operating the other heating devices. On its profitability and the dynamics of boilers "pendant" outperform many existing electric and gas heaters. The main advantages are: 1. Energy saving boilers "Pendant" in comparison with the gas boiler is 30%. 2. Lower initial cost. 3. High efficiency (98%) achieved by using a new method of conversion of electrical energy into heat "without intermediaries" (no heaters). 4. Reduction in real-time operation of the equipment and the savings (from 40 to 60%) of electricity consumed by the application of digital temperature controllers and programmers. 5. Very high reliability as well as water heating is the direct current flows through the water, and the question of "burnout" of the heating element should not, in principle, which provides fire safety. 6. Very high compactness (a measure as "output size" is unattainable for other types of heaters). For heating domestic, residential and small industrial premises plants also produced a number of boilers and thermal generators on waste wood, oils, agricultural waste, peat, and other alternative energy sources.