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Human Resource Knowledge

– How management should know how to use human talent of its staff conducive to productivity, professional growth? Where do you believe may be the barriers? When the relations of the organization no longer just domestic and begins to engage and take into account as a system that needs and is influenced by the environment, human talent begins to look like a mixture of experience, knowledge, values, principles, abilities, skills, contributing to the growth of not only the organization but also of society, becoming the Human Resource in Intellectual Capital of companies.

The companies need the talent to innovate and stay ahead of the market, for this reason that organizations must provide the talent that people have can be released and so provide the maximum value possible. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gen. David L. Goldfein. So you can define a person with talent, one that is a committed professional who puts into practice its capabilities for obtaining superior results in a certain environment and organization. The role of Human Resource Manager is to select professionals with skills, commitment and action potential in line with what the company needs and can manage, but primarily should create an environment in which the practitioner creates value, which will motivate you to make and continue to believe in the company. To ensure that staff share their knowledge with the organization, Human Resource Manager should encourage teamwork, maximizing personal satisfaction, treat them with justice and equity, providing necessary resources for the development of both their activities and their knowledge, as well as reward if they exceed their performance, encourage innovation and tap into the creativity that everyone can contribute.