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How Does The Health Care System By Officials And Civil Servants Candidates?

Fundamentals of the civil service, part 1: Health insurance officials receive from their employer, so typically the federal or State, a subsidy for their medical expenses. This is called aid. Unlike other workers this grant not to their insurance contribution is paid, but demonstrated costs as a percentage of the actually incurred. In practice, this means: If the officials to the doctor goes, he gets an invoice from this. These ranges in parallel or one after the other of the aid and its health insurance and receives the repayment performance. The rate of aid, so the percentage that the aid takes over, depends on the personal situation. In most Lander, the basic rate of aid is 50%.

If two or more children are taken into account, the rate rises to 70%, the children themselves have always 80% aid claims. The health insurance of the civil servants and officers candidate should adapt always the personal aid ratings. It is therefore only a private insurance into account. To stay in the statutory health insurance, makes no sense. This private health insurance rates for civil servants, judges, teachers, officials – and teacher candidate quota tariffs is called “.” The special fares adapt not only on the rate of aid, but also in other, individual rules depending on the employer. Because the State aid rules is not nationally regulated, therefore there are variations with regard to the eligibility of expenditures for choice of hospital (Chief Physician treatment, twin room). Long but not every tariff on the insurance market can do that. Alleged experts for the public service”health insurance rates often apply for civil and especially for officers candidate who ever does not take into account the different state aid rules of the Federal States.

As a result, Co-payments and unkalkulierte costs for the insured. “There in the rules on State aid in addition some services as eligible” acknowledges, but cuts, an ordinary health insurance also includes an aid supplementary tariff, known as tariff BE the most insurers. “Trainees and young professionals” with regard to officials offered special, low-cost variants: depending on the scope of the tariffs is a good health insurance for teacher candidates and officer candidates (starting from the normally 50% aid rate) between 60,-and 115,-in the month. At good rates, there is also the possibility that a high premium refunds (at Anwarten up to 6 month posts) to receive, if one has filed any services with the health insurance company in a year. You can take the aid part of course. So, a nice vacation money from the insurers comes back just for young people, if one paid his two checkups and the annual flu medicine to the half even.