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Housing Construction

In Russia, not so. Let the old one, but a strong family home for children often do not lose their relevance, but on the contrary, is the only "bargaining chip" in dealing with personal housing problem. And it is very Many children are very grateful to their fathers and grandfathers and can build a house, to which the demolition is not visible. Got something to sell, how to start life of a young family, for example. Today it's like to be on – is unknown. Hear from experts in the field like Home Depot for a more varied view. Maybe really "modernization" of Russia will take such a scale that will change Russian mentality. But so far in the matter of hope than confidence, and desired more than the actual. Of course, the private, for How long to build a house.

One thing is clear that what was built 100 years, is much more likely to stand for 50 years, than the fact that the build up to 50. As the saying goes, the extra strength never wanted. Unfortunately, the troubled "housing problem" Many Russians are obliged to build houses cheaply and quickly, as the money and not a lot, and his family live nowhere in particular. That is why, today, for many it becomes a priority choice of frame-building and Switchboard hope that once the house lights up (since the risk of burning up the entire basement), it does not take away the wind does not carry away the flood, and that the wooden frame it is really processed quality antiseptic, and the metal protected from corrosion. Just as in that joke: "We build fast, high quality, inexpensive. Select any two points. " Therefore, if the reason that, from which to build a house, then there is a lot of sense still think the best the construction of durable materials, which include brick and concrete.

And turn their attention to minimizing costs in the construction industry. By the way, if you do it well, then eventually the cost per square meter of such Housing is not much different from the housing built on technologies "rapid construction. For more details about optimization and minimization of costs in the construction described in the article "Minimizing the costs of construction. "