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Thus, it is better not do if they thought the side of the Carretera Austral. He also referred to the compatibility of the item with hydroelectric plants that would occur in other countries. "We could know the experience of Quebec, in Canada, which has 9 million and 4 million visitors, but those 4 million visitors are far from the dams," he said, recalling that the image shown at the seminar in this regard one bus was far from one of the dams built in the area. "A tourist is not going to travel a long distance to see a dam is going to go fishing, to look at nature, to live a special experience that you somehow transformed life" he said. Constanza Palacios, president of Public Counsel Engages Private Land-Queulat Palena Basin, presented the theme "Vision for tourism development from the local, in-Queulat Palena Basin." In his most detailed account of the tourist attractions in your area, inventoried by Sernatur, and "after show at this level everything has value for us, I presented what Transelec being studied as alternatives to the route of spreading out, and by superimposing the two things is a cross. Not that these projects affect us … we settled on "he said. "I was very impressed that the company says in its study of tourism investment in the project affected area are lower, they are not relevant.

Given that Sernatur asked to detail what investments to deliver data to support his view. To me what scared me is that it is not known to the investment made by a small businessman, what right do they judge what is a minor investment, because it is smaller than theirs? Because for the small businessman is not a minor. So for them all our investments are lower, trade and tourism, and this way of looking at the development I am concerned Aysen "he said. Dams and Tourism: Unthinkable today's northern businessman Aysen, Gonzalo Cortes, spoke about "Fishing Lodges, Adventure entrepreneurs, "noting that" we have a different view to theirs (HidroAysen). We see a huge potential for them is not interesting.

Normally these companies base their projects, their compensation and amortization of its investment in a much shorter time than you might think aysenino or entrepreneur who is in Aysen and planning their projects as a way of life. " He said normally this person "sees it as an option to do what he believes is the best possible quality of life, do what you like in the pristine environment, untouched and preserved for generations. Not for profit in the short term as projected by these big companies, which estimate their projects to profitability is the highest in the shortest time possible. And that's bad for the Aysen Region, which could lose all you have for these projects. " He also recalled that many of the dams that are listed as compatible with tourism were built in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and today would be impracticable to raise such alternatives, especially since studies have shown that energy demand in Chile is already covered by 2025 without the need to dam Patagonia. As a way to strengthen the approach reported in a few days ago the U.S. decided to dismantle four dams on the Klamath River, in order to allow recovery of biodiversity and tourism in the basin, in what The New York Times described as "the biggest dam removal in modern history".