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Hand Drawing

6 Draw with ease and decision. To achieve this you can relax. It is easier to make vivid and loose strokes if you not too squeaks when you draw. It leaves your hand, your arm and your mind work freely. TRICK: If you support the hand to the draw, starts to draw by the upper left (right if you’re left-handed) and ends by the corner opposite. So don’t you worry to smudge the drawing by dragging her hand. 7.

To choose the colors used one of these 4 options: majority of neutral colors (reserving the bright colors for a few objects). Colors with similar saturation. Colors with similar brightness. Or colors with similar tone. TRICK: To choose colors, think of drawing as a set of clothes. 8 Look at good cartoonists to learn, but don’t try to do it just like them. Find your own style. A drawing has personality when he has something different to not have those of others.

TRICK: Take advantage of your flaws! If unable to draw firm lines test to do very irregular lines. If you can not color test with lot of texture with perfectly flat colors. You may well find that feature that makes you different. 9. The drawing must be understood easily, be evident to anyone (not just for you). If you draw something crooked to this very twisted, not a bit. If a character is happy, with a leap of joy is understood better than with a slight smile. If you want breadth it is better to leave a large void area than many smaller. TRICK: If you want to make something look very red place beside something green (its complement). If you want to make something look very full place beside something very empty. 10. Nobody is perfect. At the end of the drawing thinks there is something that cannot be improved. You can rectify it (photo retouching programs are fantastic to change a color, enlarge a face, remove a stain). You can also repeat it, the great are those who do not give up when something goes wrong and return it to try to get it. Although no change it already you know what not to do next time. TRICK: don’t you see any bug? Looking at it with new eyes: ask a friend, saves the drawing a few days in a drawer, look at it upside down, far away or in a mirror magic! How had not seen it before? Images and examples at:.