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Haffner Business Service

Digital and offset printing services for over 6 years in Giessen of MBE in Giessen, celebrated its six-year business anniversary in February 2011. Achim P. Haffner Business Service E.k.. as authorized franchisee by the mail boxes etc. in recent years to reliable digital printing service provider for the region of Central Hesse (Giessen, Marburg, Wetzlar and Herborn) developed. In addition to the classic digital printing Achim P. Haffner business service offered by E.k..

also letter mailings. This so-called variable data printing is the domain of digital printing. This letters, brochures or product information can be not only personalized but also very individualized. The result is a higher open rate of letters or a much higher response rate – and thus more business for the sender. A further pillar of MBE in Giessen is the large-format printing and large format lamination for prints up to DIN A 0 Achim P. Haffner Business Service E.k.. is the printing service in casting of the card up to the Large-format printing. Thus, you can always keep up to date your print and promotional materials or product sheets and reduce your storage costs.

As with digital printing can produce just the amount you need. This in a very short time, because digital printing is fast and cheap. For larger quantities we printing partner for you in the offset at one of our pressure.