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Governing Bodies

Modern industrial and civil construction involves not only the widespread use of various machines, but manual labor construction workers. The effectiveness of the mechanization of manual labor workers determined by the perfection of applicable technical means and the rationality of their selection for specific conditions (including – control cabinets). Typically, facilities have increased power consumption and receive electricity from the control cabinet. Currently on the market there are many different control cabinets. To perform the same tasks can be applied different standard complete control cabinets, but you have to choose the best set, based on the techniques of economic comparison of options.

sic ‘Instrument’ builds custom control panels that can meet all your requirements for use on construction sites, protection class electrical control cabinets, no worse than ip 54. They work outdoors in heat and cold, in rain and snow, in dusty conditions construction site, can be mounted on wheeled chassis and transported from place to mesto.Shkafy management are made to control specific electrical equipment, provide input and distribution electricity, opening and closing power interrupt circuits, power distribution in various lighting installations used for non-automatic switching for disconnection and overload protection and short-circuit three-phase networks with grounded 380V. In the absence of mains voltage on the primary input, control panels can be connected to the mobile diesel – generators. The cabinets sets up a special powerful step-down transformer, which provides three-phase current with voltage 42V special electrical equipment for wet and high-risk areas. All modes equipment rendered light indication. Information and warning labels, signs and name of the Governing Bodies and signaling elements on the cabinets are made by screen printing special high-strength inks that can withstand adverse weather effects.