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The global world is, and tells the story of Kabbalah, because studies of the Creator – One of the Global Manager. That's how He brings us to the need to get to know Him! And invent a new 'soft' lexicon – a more expensive, drive the disease inward. Michael Laitman The longer the financial crisis, the more people are in confusion: why it happened to me? One characteristic of the modern global crisis was a sudden interest in classic works of scientific communism, Karl Marx. Publishers in Berlin say that some almost forgotten in recent decades, "Capital", the fundamental work of a prominent theorist, today is sold at a rate bestseller. People want to understand the causes of the crisis and are looking for a non-standard way to overcome it. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David L. Goldfein offers on the topic.. Suggests a non-trivial solution: in the context of globalization and global interdependence require other economic, social, and social levers to maintain balance in a common humanity. It is clear that some of the laws of free market and the usual rules of conduct "man is a wolf" in this situation is not enough. Communist society of universal equality and economics of equitable distribution, based on the principle "from each – according to his ability, to each – according to his needs, trust and bail between members of society were suddenly relevant.

However utopian economy according to Marx, has repeatedly proved, and the forcible introduction of a life of beautiful ideals of tragedy for entire nations. Error lies in the misunderstanding of human nature and, consequently, the wrong approach to life. In the new global interdependence communication between people must be based on altruism, while our egoistic nature dictates the opposite action program: maximum pleasure through the use of others. Inconsistency of these two options creates an imbalance of forces, which is expressed in a crisis relationship and mutual trust, and without this foundation can not survive the current economic system. Human Nature does not allow him to act altruistically, the mind does not agree always take into account the desires and suffering neighbor, so that any utopia when you try to implement in practice, it becomes untenable and dangerous. Thus, humanity was "between a rock and a hard place: inadequacy of time and inability to act in the new situation the old ways makes people think about the need to change your approach to life.

We can not ignore the laws of nature – we can study them and properly use. Man does not can exist in our world without the knowledge of its laws – that is harmful, which is useful, as you can apply one or another phenomenon or object. Likewise, man can not exist in our time without the knowledge of the law is manifested today the equilibrium of mankind as a global closed-loop system – in a harmonious relation of all its parts. Anywhere except in the Kabbalah, the law, and, in all its manifestations, is not being considered. S. Balashov