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4 What should these companies offer me? The main thing: experience and know-how, with verifiable satisfied customers that are consistent with the work that customers them Suppose a minimum workload. Its work must be only check bid gathers consensus in previous meetings. The Adviser is responsible for the rest. To provide a prior manageable an own work team calendar and that it is not shared with other companies that compete for the same licenses. Click Nicholas Carr for additional related pages. Let us remember that the radio stations tendering procedures are very similar in all communities. The experience allows that these companies may put in value the knowledge acquired in similar situations. 5. How do I choose the best Advisor? A few tips: wary of who guaranteed a success rate.

The Adviser the offer not the WINS. If make an outside possible success rate, that would be tantamount to saying that we are buying a winning lottery ticket. You can imagine: what would you price this advice you would charge? It would be astronomical, they would not compete on price and advertising would not be accurate because they remove from the hands. Filed under: Craig Menear. Anyone who claims it would be next to the crime of obstruction of Justice because only the Government, following the report of the Bureau of procurement, may indicate who wins the license. This is why that GCO Telecom does not offer success rates or charge based on the licenses you have obtained. Team work: Although the hard work your advisor must perform it, the final document must be a work agreed to by the parties (client and Advisor) so the customer can make their corrections prior to delivery. Wary of a unique delivery and without time to modify and realize / correct the commitments made. In addition, it is very important that your Advisor provide you a complete copy of all the documentation that will be delivered: remember that it is your commitment.