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Gathering Information

Gathering information about the company. The work is awarded to the candidate who can be interviewed. Nothing complicated about this – on the interview show himself an excellent candidate. What it means to be a great candidate – this means that need to be different from other candidates for the better. How is this achieved? Again, nothing complicated! The key to success – preparation. Yes, we must prepare for the interview. So, in response to a request sent to potential employer resumes you receive a phone call – you are asked to honor their presence with the employer for interviews. Most likely, you are asked to arrive at the scene on the same day – do not settle! Tell me about the following sentence: "Unfortunately, I have to date already scheduled several interviews, so I propose an interview at your company to spend tomorrow at a convenient time for you." Such a phrase we will kill two things: firstly, to gain time, which can be spent on information gathering, and secondly, we give an employer to understand that not the only pebble on the beach.

After reaching an agreement regarding the timing interview, you need to do collect and analyze information. You need to know the following: 1. Information about the company directly: the date of its foundation, its history, ownership, financial condition, share market, the assortment of goods or services, new projects. 2. Information on the scope of activity: the total market, actual and potential competitors, general market conditions and trends industry, government policies (if any) in the industry.

3. Information about the personnel policy of the company: whether the company's personnel policy and program development staff, the average wage in the company. 4. Any information about the company, a campaign that later can be useful – the more you know, the better the chances for success. I'm not in vain in detail all it lists – you have to hit the interviewer your knowledge! Let him asked incredulously: "Why do you have such information??" – on it you say: "Before the interview I account it necessary to gather some information about my potential employer." Sources of information: – Go to the website (if applicable). – After search engines find the article, as the company itself and about the entire industry. – I personally see the goods (services) company. – Think about how to improve the performance of the company. Be sure to write down key data in a notebook and take it with you, you can refresh the information directly before the interview. Thus, information about the company assembled, but let's not forget that the interview – it is a dialogue, so your employer would like to receive information about you personally. Well – prepare a short story about yourself! – Working with no problems