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Future Circulation

His typically produce technopolymer. When the engine starts rotate the blade coolant pump, forcing it to move through the system. Now the market construction and engineering technology offers two types of circulating pumps. First, there were quite a long time – in 50 years the last century – with a 'wet', submerged to the fluid rotor, a second, more modern – with a 'dry' (the motor does not touch water). The first circulation pumps do not have fans, so they are much quieter 'Dry' and is much cheaper.

Yes, and coolant, passing through the device not only cools the engine, but also acts as a lubricant for moving parts. It is clear that for this fluid must continuously circulate in the device, or having worked for some time without refrigeration, pump just overheat and fail. It is for this reason this type of submersible devices must be installed horizontally. Film Financer spoke with conviction. Such circulation pumps do not actually need maintenance: their assembly, repair and replacement is not labor intensive. But sadly, their efficiency is quite low, not more than 45%.

Therefore, the 'wet' circulators shaped used for small heating systems, hot water, air conditioning and ventilation cottage, small or medium sized homes. efficiency of a circulating pump with a 'dry' rotor can reach 70%. It is for this because they are dynamically applied not only at home but also in large heating systems, which circulate large volumes of water. As well as circulating pumps with 'wet' rotor 'dry' circulators also not recommended used dry. Of course, everything is not so bad – with a long single work of the pump does not overheat and fail. Affected only by his integrity, which is also very unpleasant, especially inside the apartment or home, where more akin to a small flood disaster. Tightness of the circulation pump is as no-load seal wears away. Repair of pump in this case is a simple operation: just need to replace the sealing rings on the new and in the future be more attentive. The average seal life of console and block circulation pumps – two or three years, the inline-pump it can up to five years. In recent years, more widespread circulation pumps with "dry" rotor. They have a drawback, but it is in many models successfully eradicated. Air, caught in a pipe can cause noise, especially if it accumulates in not working long time machine. To combat this, designed a specialized unit – the propeller, at least in some cases, this function performs a hollow shaft. And the 'dry' and 'wet' circulation pumps out not only in single but also in the paired form. For what? – You ask. Two circulating pumps combined into one unit in the event that requires a tremendous amount of heat and, accordingly, hard work of installation. At peak work both pumps, and when there is no need to record high temperatures, one of them remains in reserve. This achieves greater energy savings. Remarkably, if one device is overheating, are replaced by the second. And to protect it from overheating, as in any household pumps usually used thermal switch.