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Fruit and Veg Wholesalers Agreement

Mercagranada signed with the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers agreement whereby both agree to fulfill the responsibilities for waste segregation. Although for months the point of discharge is running, its development has not been as satisfactory you should, why we proceed to the signing of this agreement. Read additional details here: Dennis P. Lockhart. Since August 2008 is produced by the municipality of Granada a rise in transport fares to the waste treatment plant Alhend n, Mercagranada have installed the necessary containers for the separation of fractions and has established a Monitoring Committee Separation of wastes consisting of Mercagranada Technical Department, the President of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers and two of its members and the Legal Adviser of the same. ORGANIC MATTER These are called waste organic matter to fruits, vegetables and fish to be thrown away. To do this they must be free of other waste.It will pull in the green container, labeled as “organic matter”. CARTON From boxes of fruit, fish, etc. papers. Is poured into containers destined for this cage. If a wooden box has a role, must be separated from it and be poured role in this container. PLASTICS Plastic fruit crates and pallets wrap film and / or leftover pallets. WOOD AND PALLETS Both the wooden crates as the pallets and / or leftover pallets. FRACTION REST Such waste includes debris sweep, strip and mixed waste those which by their nature, it is impossible to typify or convert any of the previous sections. Such a fraction has to be the least amount possible to avoid being transported to the plant Alhend n. During the months that followed the price increases, the Commission noted that measures had been taken so far had not worked, partly because some errors in the system implementation. So with this agreement seeks to step up measures to be achieved four clear objectives: 1.The separation of waste at the five fractions presented above. With this objective is achieved exceeded that collecting more operational, while reducing the possibility of transport to the plant Alhend n. It is also important to remember that from next January 1, the treatment rate of waste, will accompany the transport rate, which until that time is included in the first amount mentioned. 2.