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Franchise VS University

You just pay for the franchise, while the promoted brand is a-go-go. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you share with them their profits. That is you – the nominal owner of the business, and if something goes wrong, you throw away from his “ship”. I watched and personally acquainted with these businesses. But nothing entrepreneur – is a category of people who are always making something. This entrepreneur is never lost. This is such a breed.

You can go head-promonitorit, how this or that shop, with some commodity, or to get into production, in short your expertise is always handy. The so-called line of business. (Similarly see: Film Financer). Most importantly – action. True, this way people often stumble upon a rake. Suddenly it turns out that it is necessary to pay rent, pay people, and, yes, to do this even hang out on tax, on funds for notaries to obtain the documents that you’re all so white and fluffy. Do not worry, get used to everything, it’s hard just to get used to the thought: “Well, I made, has delivered the goods, shop install it and all I have is the best, but no sales ….

” Well, it happens, do not worry, if you set a goal that your store (the company) would work because it works and will work. Quickly nothing happens. The law was. And start a fight for survival. If your goal – a successful job shop, in the end, it will be successful. There is one small caveat. Your store will work until you close until you will be to manage and supervise all. Your salespeople do not care where the accountant to work just to pay for. Your business will be bent, they can easily go back to where you can sit out (to defend) shift and get a coin. They – mercenaries, they have nothing else. But you have decided to escape from this circle, you want to do, you want to achieve their goal, so you’ll be working, searching for reserves and resources. And in parallel will work on self- increase their knowledge and skills. The modern businessman – and this is a marketer and business coach, accountant, analyst, but also a porter, salesman, driver, janitor, merchandiser. See how many jobs at once? In University will not get much. Here, only self-education and work on yourself. Scary! What to do? You chose this path. Work hard.