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Flexible Stone

A total of their effect can be the first sandstone, leaving behind not only man-made finishing materials, and marble, and granite. The fact that the sandstone You can make not only the wall panels and columns, but also modern finishing panels, called "flexible stone". These panels are outwardly indistinguishable from natural stone, and a surface coated with them, look as if to finish their pieces using natural stone. To be precise, flexible stone is a thin panel, on the surface of which a layer of sandstone. The unique properties of natural stone allow the panel to bend, stick to the surface of the walls during the interior spaces to use when decorating the facade of the building. Flexible stone appearance is both unique stone panel and unusual wallpaper, which can stick on the surface of the walls of any aspiring painter.

If you have to paste a column of these panels, get extraordinary stone pillar, which can be found similarity except in the Egypt. Flexible stone blends well with any decorative materials, but the choice of interior benefits should be given to natural finishing materials such as bamboo wallpaper, stone or wall made of sisal. Area Flexible use of stone can be used almost anywhere. You can oblitsevat their facade, stairs, including more steps, oblitsevat wall of any premises, including those with high levels of humidity, For example, a swimming pool. Flexible stone suitable for making flooring. Good results can be achieved by combining the system "warm floor" and a flexible stone. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It can be used in fireplaces. Such a broad the scope of a flexible stone provide its unique properties.

The unique properties of flexible stone As it should be natural stone, the stone has a flexible durability. The manufacturer guarantees a minimum of 35 years of its use as a finishing material. It's easy to finish any surface. In this case it does not stick, the result is wonderful. Flexible stone does not burn. But most importantly, the appearance and operational characteristics, it is no different from natural stone. If you decide to use a flexible stone for decorative work you can get it as your desktop wallpaper, is a thin layer of sand deposited on the textile base. For wallpapering sandstone wall surface should be prepared in the same way as when applied any form of wallpaper. The only difference is that in order to increase the elasticity of the flexible Stone can be preheated using the building for these purposes dryer. Slabs of sandstone produced in various sizes. Their thickness is 2.5 mm. Bonded to a flexible stone, just like any other ceramic plate. The unique properties of flexible stone you can use it for facing the towers. The surface of slabs of sandstone also be heated.